Captain's Log
16 December 2002

First Lessons

Situation at 20:00: Voyage V23/02 commenced this morning when the Ship sailed with a full Youth Crew of 24 young Australians onboard. This voyage is thelast one of 2002 and is five days in length, completing on Friday 20 December. The Staff Crew for this voyage are Captain John, Executive Officer Aaron (Bullet), Navigator Phil (Spanky), Watch Officer Paul (Chooka), Engineer Simon (Stewy), Chef Ben (Stony), Red Watch Leader Chantel (Channie), White Watch Leader Chris (Polly) and Blue WatchLeader Athol (Wiggy).Once clear of Woolloomooloo the Ship made the short transit to the anchorage position in Rose Bay where the voyage program gotunderway. Before long the Youth Crew were learning about each piece of safety equipment onboard as well as the correct method of handling lines. Lunch was served somewhere in the middle of all this and by 15:00 these important lessons were complete.The afternoon proved to be terribly hot so all hands were given the opportunity to cool off with a quick dip in the ocean. Theswing rope was made good use of and the water was perfect. Once the pool was closed, Captain John and XO Bullet delivered their initial briefings, laying out the voyage program, what the Youth Crew can expect to happen and outlining some of the basic rules followed onboard.Chef Stony produced a magnificant supper, which was no small feat considering the level of heat in the Galley. Once the Cafe and Galley were cleaned up, the Youth Crew were divided into groups of three and given 30 minutes to learn as much about each other as possible. They were then required to adopt the role of one of their group (as determined by XO Bullet at the last minute) and describe themselves to the rest of the Ship’s Company. This proved to be goodfun and all hands now know much more about each other. The first watch has closed up and will soon be starting to climb to theT’Gallant yard. The other watches will complete a similiar climb in their turn overnight.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship’s main compass is a Anschutz Standard 20 gyro. This is backed up by a Kelvin Hughes magnetic compass. The Brookes and Gatehouse sailing instruments are controlled by a Halcyon 3 Fluxgate compass.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Variation: The angular difference between True North and Magnetic North as measured east or west fromTrue North. In Sydney the variation is 12 degrees 45 minutes East.Deviation: The angular difference between Magnetic North and where the compass is actually pointing, measured east or west of Magnetic North. Deviation is caused by iron, steel or electrical equipment found in the ship.Thought of the day: The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiserpeople so full of doubt. Bertrand Russell.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RAN


33° 52' South / 151° 16' East


At anchor in Rose Bay. Wind: South at 10 kts, Temp: 24c, 4/8 cloud.