Captain's Log
12 April 2001

First Dip in the Drink

Last night we entered Hervey Bay and sailed past Gladstone to reach our evening’s anchorage just before the wind started howling. Today has been great. Spirits have risen immeasurably now that the seas are calmer and seasickness has disappeared. We stopped and swam in the sea for a while this afternoon about 10 miles from land. The YC are really starting to get into the swing of things onboard. They’ve done lots of sail handling and climbing aloft and plenty of friendships are developing. We’ve just completed 3 way talks and they were excellent – even though some major ad-libbing was going on. Poetic license can be a very funny thing… Tomorrow we’ll get into the boat and go ashore for the day. We plan on leaving the anchorage late in the afternoon to continue north toward the Whitsundays.Youth Crew entry by Dave Crighton, 17, from Canberra, ACT. Absolutely phenomenal! I have only been on board for a couple of days, but I have already pushed myself to expand the limits I had previously drawn. Getting to know the entire crew has been interesting to say the least, I could never have hoped to encounter such a magnitude of friendliness and enthusiasm in a group of only 35. With a lower spew factor today, I found that everyone started to perk up and actually get into the sailing especially now that we have had our first dip in the drink, and are presently anchored off Great Keppel.I never thought it possible to feel such a rush from ocean travel, but knowing that it takes a team effort (of which I am a part) to move this ship anywhere is satisfying in itself. Climbing the main mast was something I would never have thought I could do, but an hour or so up a 35m pole moving in force 4 seas at 8 knots proved me utterly wrong. There is a definite ‘go hard or go home’ attitude here and I like that too. It certainly seems that I am not the only one able to break out dated barriers on this ship. Anyway, enough from me all the best to my mates and family, see you next week. Stay tunedAndrew Davis


23° 9' South / 150° 57'


CO's LOG Thursday 12 Apr 01Current situation at 2000: At anchor Great Keppel Island. Wind Sou'east at 20 knots and rising. Temp 23C.