Captain's Log
12 February 2008

First Day Voyage 19/08

Today started with a lovely sunny day to welcome the Youth Crew of Voyage 19/08. All Youth Crew arrived at 1500 and by 1530 introductions were made and it was time to get the show underway. With a helpful off berth breeze, Young Endeavour commenced a scenic passage down the Adelaide River, anchoring off Semaphore at 1749.After ice breakers, ships tours and dinner, all Youth Crew discussed voyage aims with the Voyage Captain and Sailing Master and then commenced their first climb. All Youth Crew made it to the very top of the Foremast and by the end of the night had started learning the ropes.We have an early start tomorrow morning and a long day ahead of us. A good nights sleep will be welcomed by all!Until tomorrow…I. HIBBARDLEUT, RANVoyage Captain


34° 47' South / 138° 28' East


Wind SE'ly 10-15, gusting 22 kts. Sea State 3. Parly cloudy.