Captain's Log
22 March 2010

First Day at Sea

Good evening out there in land lubber land … we got our sea legs today!Taffy our Sail Master woke us all up at 6:30 am and it was dark and chilly but we all got up and met on deck where we played a \’get to know you\’ game before breakfast and then happy hour – yes, you guessed it, we got to clean ship … yeah! We then weighed anchor and proceeded down the Derwent River practicing setting and furling the sails. We entered Storm Bay in the early afternoon and made reasonably good progress under sail until later in the afternoon when a 3.5 metre southerly swell started to take effect – we rolled lots and just as we were preparing dinner too. Poor Sammi our chef had a struggle but came through with flying colours. Unfortunately I think only half the crew partook of her efforts.Shortly after dinner we \’wore ship\’ meaning to alter course by placing the wind through the stern and shaped a much more appealing course towards the east coast of Tasmania. As I type we have just passed Tasman Island itself and are motor sailing under a westerly wind with a much reduced swell.I asked the Youth Crew to make the most of the opportunity, seek challenge and extend one\’s self. Well they did that today. A fantastic performance and judging by the tired people I think we will all get a good sleep tonight. Some people felt the urge to feed the fish today but most of that has gone thankfully and after a quiet night learning how to do watchkeeping in four hour shifts – keeping a lookout, helming (steering) and doing rounds to check everything is \’ship shape\’ – we will be well placed to explore a bit more of Tasmania tomorrow.Motor sailing (engines and sails propelling) at present doing about 6 knots. We intend turning the engines off a little later tonight so we can sail this here tall ship.Sleep well … I know some tired heads here will.Dave Jordan (Yak)Voyage Captain


43° 10' South / 148° 6' East


Wind from the west at 20-25 knots with a south westerly swell up to 2 metres (we are sheltered from the main 3.5 metre swell by the coastline) - quite a gentle ride. Cold front due through in the morning and I expect conditions to ease further - matches our slowly falling barometer..