Captain's Log
2 July 2008


Ahoy Shipmates

By 0600 this morning the wind had backed to the south west so both main engines were shut down and all plain sail set. At 0830 the YC provided a very informative morning brief followed by “Happy Hour”. On completion it was all hands aloft to successfully complete another task and once photographs were taken everyone laid below to complete a most impressive deck mural. As the morning progressed the weather again started to deteriorate with severe storm warnings forecasted for Sydney. Given these warnings I decided to cut short the Command Day and for the Staff Crew to take back the Ship. Once this occurred we immediately reduced sail and commenced our pilotage into Sydney Harbour, anchoring in Farm Cove during mid afternoon. Once safely at anchor the YC handed back the “telescope of challenge” and the Command Day Debrief was conducted. This debrief provided everyone with the opportunity to discuss lessons learned and it was the general opinion of both YC and Staff Crew that despite the bad weather and the use of main engines this still had been a very successful Command Day. Due to the bad weather our anchorage in Farm Cove proved unsuitable so YE weighed anchor and proceeded down the harbour to Rose Bay were we anchored in a more sheltered position. Again due to wet weather the evening teak deck BBQ and concert had to be cancelled but were again suitably replaced by an end of voyage dinner prepared by chef Simon in the galley. The rest of the evening has been spent completing modified harbour furls of the sails and completing end of voyage questionnaires and “letters to themselves”. These letters are returned to each YC member six months after voyage completion.

As I send this last Captains Log for Voyage 2a/08 the Youth Crew are all still wide awake enjoying their last night together onboard YOUNG ENDEAVOUR.

Until next voyage, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


33°51's / 151°15'e


At Anchor in Rose Bay experiencing moderate south easterly winds.