Captain's Log
15 November 2009

Final Night Of Voyage 17-09

Hi Everyone, Throughout Saturday evening and the early hours of this morning the Youth Crew continued to do a commendable job of sailing the ship. By 0500 the wind had moderated to less than 5kts and the ship was becalmed. Given these conditions I approved the use of engines so that the Youth Crew could achieve their anchorage prior to the agreed handover time. At 1000 Young Endeavour came safely to anchor just to the west of Semaphore which signalled the completion of Command Day. On completion of a much needed stand-down period the Youth Crew completed harbour furls followed by the Command Day debrief. By late afternoon most of the end of voyage administration and safety checks had been completed so it was decided to open the pool for 30 minutes so everyone could gain some respite from the sweltering 40 degree Adelaide heat. To finish of the evening a slide show of photographs taken throughout the voyage was held on deck which gave all of us the opportunity to reflect on the past 11 days.At 1000 tomorrow morning Young Endeavour, with Youth Crew manning the yards will berth at 2 Dock Port Adelaide for the final time for this voyage. Following our official welcome to Port Adelaide, we will say an emotional farewell to the Youth Crew of Voyage 17-09.Young Endeavour will remain alongside in Port Adelaide until Wednesday 18 November 09 when she will embark our new Youth Crew for Voyage 18-09 from Adelaide to Williamstown (Melbourne). Until next voyage, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav PS Please find below some late night entries from the Youth Crew Hi Everyone, All is coming to and end here on the Young Endeavour Voyage 17 2009. It has been AWESOME. Yesterday we were given the boat, warned how much it is worth and told to get from Kangaroo Island to Port Adelaide by ourselves. Yep��_ Command Day. We did it!! So cool!! We had a debriefing day today and have been winding down with a swim and a BBQ. Can’t wait to see you all tomorrow night.I have loved the cut of this Jib, it has nice lines fore & aft��_ So Cool!Signing off see you tomorrow. Gerard. Hey Van Haa Fam,Trip awesome, Call Ya’s tomorrow!! Love Reub!Hi everyone back in brisvegas. Voyage has nearly come to an end and it has been absolutely amazing. People are amazing, am really going to miss everyone. Would love to stay here for a bit longer. 40 degrees today-very hot for Adelaide. See you all tomorrowIzzyAhoy there paine clan!!Hope pete is well!Having a fabulous time here.. Adelaide is beautiful.. I think.. we anchored 4 th night here.Missing u all lots and lots.. cant wait to c u all 2moz night.. All my love always and forever.. shan xxxWhat’s up famzHaving a great time and learnt a lot over the past few days. Unfortunately it is the last night, but it is still just as fun, if not more, then the other nights aboard this fine ship. Had a lot of people come out to look at the ship today as we came into Port Adelaide. Twenty-four youth crew stepped aboard on the 6th of November and on the eve of the last time we will be converging with each other; we enjoy and remember the experiences we have been through. It will not only be a night to remember but an end to a once in a life time opportunity that I have had the pleasure of undertaking. It is funny how on the last day everyone brings up the topic of sea goggles. Some tell the truth, some are obvious, and some are just plane noticeable, but some friendships are just destined to advance. For me I have spent the last few days with an eye on a special girl that just has something about her, the glow of her eyes and a smile that could cheer you up no matter how sad you are. I hope a stronger friendship will be obtained no matter how close or how far away this person lies. Well that’s enough from me, but I have had an experience of a lifetime and this voyage has changed the way I will look at life, especially for the future.Signing off.Your jib is sure looking nice :PCameronAhoy there to the guys from Warrnambool again.Just getting ready for bed on our last day on the Young Endeavour��_ It will be sad to leave tomorrow after is has been our home for the last 10 days, a place to grow and learn, but all good things must come to an end, so we will pack out bags before bed, saying our last goodbyes and get ready to make the long trip home tomorrow.I know we have come from all over Australia, but I’m sure many of us will be friends for a long time yet and I can’t wait to go and visit them sometime.Yesterday as has been mentioned above, we took command of the ship for 24 hours, it was a great experienced at working in an actual team with a real common goal. We were all motivated to achieve the same things, and everyone pulled together to make sure it happened. That’s it for me, it will be a sad night tonight as tomorrow we’ll all be heading back to our old routines again, but hopefully we can all take something special from the trip and apply it to our normal lives- I know I will be.Looking forward to seeing you in the next few days guys. Keep it real


34° 45' South / 138° 28' East


Currently at anchore just of Semaphore and experiencing moderate S-SW winds with nil swell.