Captain's Log
15 November 2008

Final Night Of Voyage 17/08

Ahoy Shipmates, This morning was overcast with cold southerly winds. After colours and a short morning brief the YC were turned to at cleaning stations in preparation for receiving our guests for the Half Day Sail. The anchor was weighed at 0815 and the ship made the 5nm passage to Williamstown, where she berthed starboard side to Workshop Pier at 0900. After sullage (garbage) was landed and stores embarked 30 guests from the Interchange Outer East Organisation and some other guests were welcomed onboard. The departure time for the voyage was delayed by 15 minutes due to the late arrival of our guest’s bus. The lines were cast off at 1015 and the ship departed its berth utilising a combination of main engines and sail in a well executed demonstration of good sail and seamanship practices. On clearing the berth we altered course into the Williamstown Channel, set sail then commenced our passage up the Yarra River. Despite the cool weather the crew of Young Endeavour and her guests enjoyed a perfect sail down under the Westgate Bridge and continued up river as far as the Bolte Bridge (cannot go any further due to mast height) before wearing ship and making our return journey to Williamstown. Throughout the half day sail, the YC acted as perfect hosts, serving food, refreshments and entertaining our guests with a repertoire of their favourite YE songs. At 1300 we again berthed at Workshop Pier were we farewelled a most appreciative and happy group of guests. After embarking stores for the next voyage YE again departed her berth and proceeded to anchor in Hobson’s Bay. The rest of the afternoon was spent completing harbour furls and end of voyage talks. After our final dinner for the voyage we conducted a very entertaining ships concert which was followed by the normal YC end of voyage administration tasks. While this was occurring the Staff Crew took the opportunity to conduct our ���end of voyage�� debrief and Ships Safety Meeting. At 0930 tomorrow morning Young Endeavour will weigh anchor and complete the short passage to Williamstown were she will berth at 1000 for the last time for this voyage.This ends another memorable voyage for the Youth Crew and Staff of Young Endeavour.Until next voyage, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


37° 51' South / 144° 55' East


Currently at anchor in Hobsons Bay and experiencing strong SW winds with a 1m swell.