Captain's Log
25 June 2008

Final Night Of Voyage 09/08

Ahoy Shipmates, This morning was overcast with moderate south easterly winds and the occasional shower. After colours and a short morning brief the YC were turned to at cleaning stations in preparation for receiving our guests for the half day sail. The anchor was weighed at 0830 and the ship made the short passage to HMAS CAIRNS where she berthed starboard side to Berth 1 at 0900. After sullage (garbage) was landed and stores embarked 27 guests from the Cairns Peace Lutheran College and some Staff Crew guests were welcomed onboard. The lines were cast off at 1000 and the ship departed its berth and proceeded out into Trinity Inlet were we shut down main engines and set sail. Despite the occasional shower YOUNG ENDEAVOUR and her guests enjoyed a perfect sail down the channel and continued to set and furl sails for the next hour before tacking Ship and making our return journey. Throughout the half day sail, the YC acted as perfect hosts, serving food, refreshments and entertaining our guests with a repertoire of their favourite YE songs. By 1230 it was time to hand in all sail and begin the passage back to our berth, arriving as planned at 1300. Once our slightly wet but happy guests had departed, stores for the next voyage were embarked. At 1430 we again departed our berth and conducted our short passage to anchor out in Trinity Inlet. Once at anchor we conducted the last set of rope races (won by white watch) followed by the completion of harbour furls. This evening we enjoyed our last ���teak deck�� BBQ for this voyage followed by an entertaining ship’s concert. The YC will spend the rest of the evening completing end of voyage questionnaires and ���letters to themselves��, which are returned to each YC member six months after voyage completion. Overnight the YC will complete their last anchor watches together as a CrewAt 1000 tomorrow morning YOUNG ENDEAVOUR, with Youth Crew manning the yards will berth at the Cairns Marina for the final time for this voyage were we will say our final goodbyes.The Staff Crew of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR would like to thank the Youth Crew of Voyage 09/08 for their fantastic efforts throughout the voyage and wish all them the very best for the future.Until next voyage, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav


16° 56' South / 145° 47' East


Currently at anchor in Trinity Inlet and experiencing light Southerly winds.