Captain's Log
31 May 2008

Final Night Of Voyage 07/08

Ahoy Shipmates, Due to the extremely poor weather conditions the half day sail for young Australians with disabilities programmed for today had to be cancelled. In its place we took shelter and remained at anchor at Scawfell Island. After morning brief the YC and Watch Leaders were ferried ashore to complete end of voyage talks. This was followed by the opportunity to either swim of the beach, snorkel along a tropical coral reef (with turtles and tropical fish) or just enjoying the chance to explore another uninhabited island. Just before midday everyone returned onboard for lunch and the final set of rope races. At 1430 the anchor was weighed, sails set and YE sailed gracefully away from her anchorage at Scawfell Island. Under fore and aft sails and the assistance of a 24kt south easterly YE quickly increased speed to 8kts and in just under 2 hours reached Keswick Island were we anchored for the final time for this voyage. This evening we enjoyed our last dinner for this voyage followed by a very entertaining ship’s concert. The rest of the evening will be spent completing end of voyage questionnaires and ���letters to themselves��, which are returned to each YC member six months after voyage completion. As we will remain in anchor watches for the night the YC will also get the opportunity to complete their final night watch of the voyage together.At 1000 tomorrow morning YOUNG ENDEAVOUR, with Youth Crew manning the yards will berth at the Mackay Marina for the final time for this voyage. This ends another great voyage for 24 young Australians and on behalf of myself and the Staff Crew of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR we would like to thank all of them for fantastic energy that they put in to the voyage and wish them all very best for the future.Until next voyage, take careYours AyeCaptain Gav


20° 53' South / 149° 24' East


Currently at anchor at Keswick Island and experiencing moderate south easterly winds.