Captain's Log
26 January 2009

Final Night Of Voyage 02/09

Ahoy Shipmates, Australia Day morning was a 0600 start so that we were well prepared for the day ahead. Following a 0700 morning brief and cleaning stations the anchor was weighed and Young Endeavour departed Hobson’s Bay and transited the short distance to Williamstown were we berthed starboard side to the Workshop Pier at 0815. Once alongside the ship was a hide of activity with 10 days of garbage off loaded and fresh stores embarked. At 0915 the Minister for Defence, Science and Personnel, The Honourable Warren Snowden MP, 30 special needs guests from the Hobson’s Bay council and some Staff Guests were welcomed onboard. Once our safety brief was complete lines were cast off and Young Endeavour transited the 5nm to Green Point were we joined by Tall Ships Windward Passage and Enterprise and formed up for the parade of sail. At 1040 after both other vessels had taken station astern Young Endeavoured fired both cannons which signalled the start of the parade of sail. As we proceeded along the prearranged course surrounded by numerous spectator craft all three ships were brought under full sail and in a strengthening south easterly, provided an impressive sight on Port Phillip Bay. Throughout the half day sail, the YC acted as perfect hosts, serving food, refreshments and entertaining our guests with a repertoire of their favourite YE songs. At 1330 we again returned to Workshop Pier were we were greeted by a large crowd of sightseers patiently waiting for all ships to berth so that they could have a closer view of the ships. At 1400 we farewelled a most appreciative group of guests who had thoroughly enjoyed their Australia Day experience onboard Young Endeavour. Once our guests had departed Warren Snowden, MP addressed the Youth and Staff and thanked all for a memorable day. Prior to leaving the ship the Minister was given a brief on the climbing system and on completion undertook a climb to the course yard. Once safely back on deck the Minister again thanked the Crew then departed the ship. At 1430 we embarking stores for the next voyage and on completion opened the ship to the general public. Whilst the ship was open the YC continued with harbour furls and those who weren’t required aloft assisted with the open ship. On completion of harbour furls the Watch Leaders conducted end of voyage talks which was followed by the final ���teak deck BBQ�� for this voyage. The rest of the evening was spent with YC completing end of voyage questionnaires and ���letters to themselves��, which are returned to each YC member six months after voyage completion. Early tomorrow morning will again see Young Endeavour depart her berth returning at 1000 with the Youth Crew manning the Yards for the final time for this voyage were we will be met by family and friends and say our farewellsThis ends another memorable voyage for the Youth Crew and Staff of STS Young Endeavour. Voyage 03-08 commences on Thursday 29 January and will be from Williamstown to Hobart where we will participate in the Wooden Boats Festivals Parade of Sail.Until next voyage, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


37° 51' South / 144° 54' East


Currently alongside at Workshop Pier and enjoying moderate SE winds.