Captain's Log
22 April 2008

Final Night Of ANC Voyage

Ahoy Shipmates,Throughout last night we continued to experience frustrating wind shifts which were associated with heavy rain squalls. By 2350 YE was 30nm of the coast and making little ground to the south so tacking stations were called and we altered course to the south west and commenced making ground towards Port Jackson. Torrential rain continued throughout the early hours of this morning and all watches got to experience the reality of an open bridge (no cover and very wet). Sunrise found YOUNG ENDEAVOUR 15nm to the north east of Port Jackson making good speed under a 25kt south easterly with a full press of fore and aft sails set. At 1000 all hands were mustered on deck to hand in all sail prior to entering harbour. YE entered Sydney Harbour at 1030 and proceeded to anchor in Watson’s Bay. Once safely at anchor it was straight into morning brief then a quick set of cleaning stations (happy hour) prior to lunch. On completion of lunch the YC and Watch Leaders were picked up by a DMS boat and ferried inshore to Watson’s Bay were they made their way up to HMAS WATSON for a pre-arranged tour of the Bridge Simulator, other base facilities and of course a swim in the heated indoor pool. A tired but happy Youth Crew were ferried back onboard at 1700 full of stories about what a great afternoon they had experienced at HMAS WATSON. Following another brilliant dinner cooked by our award winning Chef Jarod it was straight into three way talks then back into normal sea watches for the last night of the voyage. Tomorrow will see us complete ANC Voyage 01- 08, so this is the final Captains Log for this voyage.Until next our next voyage Take Care Yours AyeCaptain GavPlease find attached Captains Log entries from some of the ANC Youth Crew ANC Captains LogMichael: Hello everybody this is Michael C011y3r, I just wanna say that I am okay mum and dad I am coming home soon YAAY okay big line up behind me cya BTW: yeah this trip is awesome, i had fun fun fun Adam: Hi everyone, this trip is awesome, I wish it was longer. Everyone here is great, I’ve made heaps of friends. Don’t worry mum I am warm enough it’s not that cold. And don’t worry Chris I’m looking after Michael. Can’t wait to see yas all soon. Adam Wunderlich.Sam: top of the morning. This trip has been the best trip ive ever been on, its completely brilliant, and so are the people, I may have angered one or two crew members with too many New Zealand Sheep jokes. But its all in good fun.Kind regards Sam Panton.Daniel: Hey everyone, this has been the most awesome trip ever. There’s been lots of swaying and ups and downs. We’ve been sailing in big swells which made everyone sick except for two. Thanks again everyone for my 18th, I’m having the time of my life.See you all soon. AAARRRHHG!!! Megs: Ahoy there. Hi guys this has been the best experience ever, I’d never trade this week for anything. We’ve spent a night at sea which was awesome fun. I’m having a ball, experiencing new things, and can’t believe it’s all over tomorrow. . It’ll be good to get home and catch up with family and friends. Miss ya all heaps. Megs.Bessie: Heeeyyy. This trip has had its ups And downs. Im pretty proud of myself, one of the few people that didn’t get sea sick once. The best thing on this trip would have to be the climbing. I climbed all the way to the top and out. It was pretty cool. The worst would have to be seeing your friends sick and throwing up over the side of the boat. Last night I was on guts watch. I hated waking up. 12-4 at sea, freeezzzinngg cold with massive waves. It was torture. But yeah, it had to be down and when we all work together it gets done quickly. Tomorrow going home, im very excited. But im sure I’ll remember the time I was on the young endeavour, a true once in a lifetime experience. Bessie Jess: Hey Mum having a great time, have seen 2 sharks and lots of dolphins. I haven’t been sick yet but have felt abit queasy, will see you tomorrow. Lots of luv. Jessica Dawe


33° 50' South / 151° 16' East


At anchor in Watson's Bay (Sydney Harbour) and currently experiencing showers with moderate south easterly winds.