Captain's Log
V 06/17
20 March 2017

Final Day at sea prior to Command Day

Sail Master Evan woke everyone at 0700 to a beautiful sunny morning, the first hot, dry day of the voyage. There was a perceptible hike in everyone’s morale at the thought of not needing wet weather gear all day!After Morning Brief and “Happy Hour” I gave part 2 of my Sail Theory brief to the watches individually.After lunch Engineer Brett held the next edition of “Ropies”, which was followed by my Captain’s Setting & Furling. That is a sail handling competency assessment conducted by Brett and I of the watches individually to ensure they are at the required standard to proceed to Command Day. All of the 3 watches met the required standard.Next I issued the Youth Crew with my “Captain’s Challenge” – to set all of the sails, on their own, with staff safety oversight only, in under 45 mins. This was also successfully achieved.The final activity of the day, before we swung into night watches, was the Command Day elections. These were completed remarkably quickly. Congratulations to those Youthies who were elected into leadership positions for Command Day and I am confident they will do well.It is intended to remain at sea overnight, anchoring off Merimbula early tomorrow morning.Until tomorrow.Yours, Aye Captain Mike


36 21.4' S / 150 16.2' E


Wind: North easterly at 15 Kn, Weather: mostly fine, Swell: from NE at 1.5 m, Temp: 26 deg. C