Captain's Log
26 October 2015


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day five of our voyage. Since farewelling Esmeralda we have continued to make good speed to the south east but due to moderating conditions have had to revert to motor sailing and the use of the starboard engine.

Looking at our World Voyagers at morning brief it would appear that the majority have now overcome their seasickness and all are adjusting well to life at sea.

Today’s has been our first full day at sea were we can really focus on our training program so given the good weather we held our first set of rope races, a navigation brief given by the Evan (Ships Navigator) and for White Watch a sail theory presentation given by yours truly, so as you can see it has been a productive day.

Currently we are located 280nm from Rio still heading SE and will continue on this course for the next few days until we start to pickup some more favourable winds. Already the temperature has started to get cooler of an evening which has made it a lot more pleasant for sleeping.

Tonight it is Blue Watches turn to write the Captains Log so please enjoy reading about today’s activities onboard STS Young Endeavour.

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye
Captain Gav

Day five of Young Endeavour World Voyage Passage 7 started on higher spirits with most crew members finally finding their sea legs. This was perhaps assisted by some interesting seasickness remedies read out by Dougie during the morning brief from ‘the bible” (an 1800’s sailer instruction manual) – including using a hose pipe as a stomach pump.

We were lucky enough to have a visit from the beautiful Nana from Ipanema who taught us a lesson or two in the art of ship cleanliness, as well as showing us a few dance moves. Who is Nana from Ipanema you say? Well, she’s essentially just Horto, the Chief Engineer, dressed up – we’re all still slightly puzzled why he has a XL ladies skirt, blouse, jewellery and lipstick readily available – will ‘Nana’ make a regular appearance? After joining in on a few rounds of song and dance in ‘I’m a little rocketship,’ Nana inspired us to jump straight into ‘Happy hour’ where we attempted to make the ship the cleanest it’s ever been.

The day progressed with what’s starting to feel like the regular routine on board – rotating watches, morning brief, happy hour, setting sails when required and afternoon games and lectures. Today we were tested on the ship’s layout with our first match of rope races. Without officially being declared victors, the blue watch took gold on the podium. A special mention to Jess, who scored us the most points in the bonus round by feeding our watch leader Marcos a banana in the fastest time. After such fun and games, we settled in to an afternoon lecture on the basics of navigation lead by key Navigator Evan. Shout out to Evan’s mum, who we’ve been told is very proud of him.

Meals have continued to be highlight. Three of our own masterchefs joined Jenko in the galley today cooking up a feast. We feel like we’ve continuously been spoilt in the culinary department, with roast beef for lunch and roast lamb for dinner, followed by Jenko’s Nana’s famous rice pudding for dessert.

Lookouts have been steady, with no evidence of human life observed since the Esmeralda yesterday. Not expecting any sign for a few days. Nonetheless, animals have taken the forefront on lookout, with a few birds and even a whale having been spotted. We’ve attached a fishing line to the back of the ship, with only one Marlin (that thankfully got away) being the only fish hooked so far.

Still keeping up with all important in world affairs – GO THE WALLABIES!!

Weather has been kind, some more wind would be appreciated though. Looking forward to another day tackling the big blue sea tomorrow!

Blue Watch Out.


To the Roper family – hope mum is still entertaining you all with the joke of the day! Stay crazy and fabulous! Love you all! And Happy Birthday Hendo for next week! Wish I could be there!

To all the families and supporters back home, I made it, not sick (horaay) and loving it. Love to you all, hope your not missing me too much! Zoe

Hey mum, dad and annifa! Hope all is well at home. I’ve made a bit of chunky rain the last few days but I’ve pulled up alright in the end :p things are going great. I missed out on seeing the whale!!! I was asleep in the hammock and by the time I rolled out he was gone  nana from Ipanema took jorhay today… but I got him back! Promise to take better care of him from now on. Much love, Kate.

Hey Mum, Dad, Family and Friends! Just letting you know I am having the best time ever here on the ship, it is absolutely fantastic. I honestly am just loving it here, especially when I get to sit up on the Main Mast and just look down on the Atlantic! I miss you all, and hope you are all well. Love, Nathan

Hey to all back home, having a great time. Jess

To those at home, having a blast and almost found my sea legs, which is a definite bonus. Hope all is well. Mark.


25 degrees 14 minutes South / 38 degrees 55 minutes West


Currently located 290nm SE of Rio motor sailing in light to moderate ENE winds with a 2m SE swell. Our current speed is 6kts and the temperature is 18 degrees.