Captain's Log
19 February 2001

Falling into Crying Heaps

I handed Command to Karl Harisson and YC 04/01 (a fine bunch) and we got going straight underway, (which would explain why we haven’t had Happy Hour yet). After some fluky winds that threatened to make us go surfing and an ebbing tide, which helped us move out to sea, the Youth Crew made big inroads to achieving their mission. Somewhere in the offing is the PM, reportedly deep sea fishing and waiting to see a demonstration of some fine sailing and some good looking Youth Crew on Young Endeavour. He won’t have to wait long.A big ‘HI’ to Sarah Elliott ��� we got your message today and hope you are well!Youth Crew entry by Cecily Nichols, 18, Newcastle ��� The team diverse, the challenge constant: take command of the ship for 24 hours of sailing and navigating. Sounds pretty daunting for a youth team with just a weeks sailing experience. At 6:30am this morning it seemed as though the fun and excited mood of the previous day had wilted and the seriousness of the task had become apparent. A few humorous events kept us from falling into crying heaps although after spending 4 hours sailing fruitlessly around Broken Bay without even making it once into the big blue sea, we were left feeling dejected and questioning our real ability to be in control. As with any great team though, we re-grouped, re-organised and prepared a revised plan of attack. We’re all travelling a little more happily now, and after a good feed from our galley crew, we’ll surely be ready for any other challenges that should arise. With just over half of command day to go, we’ve already learnt many invaluable lessons about teamwork and cooperation and have come to realise that any efforts we make as a crew will always be positive, regardless of which direction the ship is pointing.Just a quick hello to everyone in Seaham and all of Chris Gordon’s friends back in Scotland.Stay tunedAndrew Davis, 27, from Burwood, NSW (rubbish! ��� Ed.)


33° 44' South / 151° 22'


CO's Log Monday 19 Feb 01Current situation at 1800: Command Day - somewhere at sea off the New South Welsh coast - searching for the Prime Minister who is reported to be deep sea fishing. Temp 23C. Wind easterly at 10 knots.