Captain's Log
25 October 2015


Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day four our voyage. Well overnight we made best speed to the south east so that we could make our 1100 rendezvous with Esmeralda which sadly did mean the use of main engines but we didn’t want to be late.

Thanks to some good planning by Evan our Navigator we achieved our rendezvous waypoint right on schedule and sure enough over the horizon came this beautiful Chilean Tall Ship. Once close we put both ships under sail and enjoyed a close ‘sail in company’ as Esmeralda’s RHIB (Ships Boat) raced around both ships taking some great photographs.

Sadly because of our tight schedules we could not stay together for to long but it was extremely enjoyable while it lasted and it showed the close friendships that both Ships and the Chilean and Australian Navies share.

Since farewelling Esmeralda we have continued to make good speed under sail and at this time are hoping for the wind to back to the north east late tomorrow morning as forecast which will allow us to alter our course back to the south east.

Besides a few cases of seasickness our new World Voyagers have settled in well and are enjoying the early stages of their voyage.

Kindly volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log is White Watches Emily and Caitlin so please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours aye
Captain Gav



We awoke on day two to nothing but ocean. No land, no ships; nothing. Whilst the scurvy hasn’t yet fully taken over, there are some who are feeling worse for wear. There is nothing and no one here but us, and the birds, the marlin…and the cargo ship to our right (starboard, for those in the know).

Overnight, by comparison, was quite crowded. We saw at least four vessels, rig tenders; out sharing the oceanic spaces with us. No communication passed between ourselves and them, but it was a comfort knowing they were there. The upperdecks were quiet, World Voyage crew either entirely worn out and asleep, or feverishly lying still in an attempt to overcome the seasickness; with other members on watch jokingly trying to convince them that they would, in fact, get better. This was also the time that a number of home remedies came out on how to cure seasickness, although if anyone of them worked, is yet to be seen.

The vast majority of us however are feeling great. The constant reminder of isolation from the world is seen in the ocean and the fact that the closest we have come and will come into contact with the outside world was our incredible rendezvous with the magnificent, incredible and awe inspiring Chilean 4 masted, gaff rigged, topsail schooner Esmerelda this afternoon. In the morning we saw her on the horizon, her size and beauty apparent even from 10Nm away. Eventually, just before lunch, we were close enough to set our own sails and sail alongside the crew and ship. Joyful waves and cheers were shared between the crews of both ships as what appeared to be 3 quarters of their 315 man crew came up on deck to greet us. But alas, we both have our own courses to stay on, so waving goodbye, we were separated what seemed as soon as we were together. Triumphant though; as we had finally started sailing without the use of our engines.

Following yet another delightful and satisfying lunch prepared by our very own gourmet chef Jenko; with the assistance of the able-bodied Horto; Chief Engineer/Assistant chef, we were brought out of our food comas with a friendly round-robin game of Thumb Wars-enthusiastically joined in by everyone; staff included. Despite many battles, several dented egos and many laughs, Caitlin, a member here on a suitability cruise, won overall.

Following this delightful event, we were regaled with more safety demonstrations by our knowledgeable and entertaining Dougie; our resident Bosun/Musician/Watch Leader. This entailed repeated demonstrations of safety equipment-familiarity breed’s confidence-and even got one of the World Voyage crew completely dressed up in Thermal Protective Suit and Lifejacket; to demonstrate the application and practicality of the evolution (thanks, Alice!)

The afternoon then consisted of us catching up on sleep, knots, and the glamorous and all exciting job of washing our underwear. The ship decorated with drying undies, our bodies rested and sunburnt, we ate and headed off to bed, or to watch. Ready for another big and exciting day on the big blue tomorrow.

SHOUTOUTS: To the Toze family; keep being crazy! Love Emily , Happy Birthday Hamish! Love Oscar

To my Dad and Uncle Rod, happiest of happy birthdays for next week, I wish I could be there. To my special one-if you get a chance to read this, stay safe and be there when I get home Love Caitlin

To my very own mini Sophie… Look after your Mum and try not to kick her around too much in the belly. All my thoughts are with the both of you and all my love as well. Dougie.


24 degrees 13 minutes South / 40 degrees 22 minutes West


Currently located 200nm SE of Rio sailing close hauled under fore and aft sail and enjoying moderate 12-15kt SSE winds with a 1.5m SE swell. Our current speed is 5kts and the temperature is 19 degrees.