Captain's Log
2 March 2000

Entering Victorian waters

12 Noon : ThursdayCurrently sailing about 30 nautical miles south west of Gabo Island on the NSW/Victoria border, heading south west into Bass Strait with a lovely quartering breeze pushing us along at five knots.The last 24 hours can only be described as very pleasant. Light airs had us motoring for much of yesterday morning and stopped mid-afternoon for a refreshing swim over the side 15 miles north of Montague Island. With winds remaining light and Montague Island temptingly in our path, we decided to try and anchor off to make our first shore visit and watch the sunset penguin parade. A freshening breeze thwarted our plans however as we were making our approach, picking up the seas and making getting ashore by boat too risky. Disappointed but spirits still high, we thanked the Park Rangers for their trouble and continued on our way, setting all plain sail and bowling along over night before the north east wind at an average speed of eight knots. Wearing ship at 0400 had everyone up and proved the Youth Crew is becoming an effective Tall Ship team.This morning after the mandatory Happy Hour (cleaning stations) the Youth Crew enjoyed a stimulating lecture on the theory of sailing square-rigged ships from yours truly.Now sailing gurus all, they’re earning a well earned siesta.


38° 6' South / 149° 39'


Clear skies, 22 degrees