Captain's Log
23 February 2000

Entering Sydney Heads

The ship was handed over to Captain Craig and his crew at 1400 yesterday afternoon. All sail had been handed in, so the ship was left drifting with about 100 nautical miles to run to Sydney. Very soon after handover the crew had all sail set and had the ship broad reaching towards Sydney at over 10 kts in a stiff NE breeze. The wind that we had all been hoping for had finally come in. With things going so well for the crew, I invented an Island that had to be rounded that required square sail to be handed in and the ship worked to windward. This was accomplished with the minimum of fuss and tacking stations were called at 0400 this morning and the ship wore around to the SE. The ship wore again at 0800 and commenced her run towards Sydney Harbour.We are now passing through Sydney Heads under full sail on a typically wonderful Sydney summers day. Although not quite over, I think it is safe to say that the Command Day has been very successful. There are certainly smiles all round and everybody should be proud of their achievements.Once at anchor we will conduct harbour furls, debrief the Command Day and then prepare for the end of voyage concert. We will arrive alongside tomorrow morning at 1000.


33° 50' South / 151° 17'


Course 290, Speed 6kts, Wind 045/15kts, Temp 24, clear skies, fresh breeze - great sailing day.