Captain's Log
2 February 2000

Enroute to Whangaroa Harbour

Yesterday afternoon continued on a thrilling sail north in fresh SW winds. Conducted tacking drills and a navigation lecture later in the afternoon. Spirit of NZ went to anchor in the evening but Young Endeavour continued to sail overnight. It was all hands on deck at 0400 and 0700 to tack the ship which went very well.The ship arrived at Cape Brett and Piercy Island by mid morning when all sail was handed in. Cape Brett is the gateway to the fabulous Bay of Islands, but on immediate hand was a spectacular cathedral arch on Piercy Island known as ‘Hole in the Rock’. As the ship drifted nearby, the boat was sent away with youth crew embarked to shoot through the arch and explore some local caves. The conditions were perfect with very little swell and no wind. It was awesome scenery and quite exciting. Prior to getting under way again the pool was opened and most went in for a swim.Whilst we in Young Endeavour were mucking about in boats, the Spirit of NZ had motored up and joined us in the aquatic playground. They also lowered their boat and sent their trainees through the arch.This afternoon, with Spirit, Young Endeavour will continue NW to our intended overnight anchorage at Whangaroa Harbour. Unfortunately, there is little wind and both ships are motorsailing. The scenery is fabulous so it’s not all bad.


35° 5' South / 174° 14'


Course 340, Speed 7kts, Wind 290/10kts, Temp 19, Partly Cloudy