Captain's Log
9 May 2015


Hi Everyone,Welcome to day 15 of our voyage. Well since departing Brest late on Wednesday afternoon we have continued to experience some great sailing and today has been no different with moderate now strong north easterly winds greatly assisting our passage south. As I write this log we have sailed 390nm in the past three days and that will increase considerably over the next 24hrs with stronger winds forecast.We continue to take advantage of the good weather and today we utilised the stronger winds to conduct a good set of high speed rotational tacks. This activity gives the crew an opportunity change tacking stations so that they get to experience what the other watches do when we tack or wear the ship.Besides rotational tacks I also had the opportunity to complete my final sail theory presentation today which hopefully the sailing skills and knowledge that they gain onboard will give them the desire to sail other types of yachts once they leave Young Endeavour.Tomorrow is Fathers Day and to all the Fathers out their and especially my Dad ‘Max’ have a fantastic day!! Even though we are thousands of miles away all of you will still be in our thoughts.Captain Gav and the Young Endeavour CrewTonight it is back to Blue Watches turn to write the Captains Log and volunteering to share their Young Endeavour day with you is Liv and Talbot. Enjoy!Until tomorrow, take careYours AyeCaptain GavCAPTAINS LOG SATURDAY 5 SEP 15Hello world, Liv and Talbot here! Your blue watch writers of the day.It was a glorious day on the Bay of Biscay, sailing downwind with full sails and sunshine that made Captain Gav wonder if lizards can get sunburnt. Morning meeting involved another visit from the notorious Nanna who found a few “Tug Boats” (water boots) floating around in the girls dorm room.So, if you think we are out here sipping sangria and lounging on the teak deck you’d be wrong. We are guzzling cups of tea between setting and furling sails, tacking practice and workshops with the Staffies (because a full day of knowledge equals a full set of sails).Salty, our very own ocean academic, enlightened us with nautical knowledge that will help us navigate our stay in Tenerife. And Doctor Nick gave us the tools to achieve harmony in any workplace by singing Kumbia-Yah and dancing around in a circle with the scent of sandalwood in the air. Prepare to witness your children flourish into peace lovin’ pop-eye-esk nautical trivia buffs.A particular highlight was seeing our navigator leap around in lycra to the sound of Flash Dance while the ‘ooh aaah’ meter was at 30 deg. Some memories will last a lifetime. Shortly after, we experimented with sail setting to gain a few knots by half setting the Course. The Young Endeavour was a gorgeous sight to behold, and our fearless sail master Dougie giggled at what we had just achieved.There has been a fad going around with learning to tie knots. As some say, “if you can’t tie knots, tie lots” and as blue watch says “if you can’t tie lots, then just play a game on deck involving pantyhose and tennis balls”.Eggs Benedict, banana pancakes, salmon, roast lamb, sirloin steak, lamb soup, vegie curry, rice pudding, salads, snacks and coffees, plus some beautiful sunshine makes for a beautiful day on the Bay of Biscay.Much love to all our families, especially to our fathers and Kat. Hope you’re feeling better, blue watch isn’t the same without you!Happy Fathers Day!Liv and TalbotSHOUT OUTS:Liv: Hey Dad, Happy Fathers Day! Hope you have a cracking day and get to go for a good fish at some point. We are doing some off the back of the boat in any spare time we have, but nothing as yet. Love you heaps! Olivia xoLewi: Happy birthday Mum for two days ago! Maybe a little late, but I have a pretty good excuse… this yearAmy: Haaaaappy Father’s Day Dad! A huge hug to you (with some imaginary liquorice and a pair of socks), and one for Cliffy too (and an imaginary fruit cake!). Missing you both and thinking of you as we sail across near-teflon-coated seas! Sending huge hugs and kisses, I love you so much xoxoxoAnnie: Happy Fathers Day and Birthday Dadda! You’ll receive your gifts next time you and mum visit! Also a hello to Mum, Nan, Kate and Jeremy! Miss you guys heaps. Having an amazing time xoxRyan: Happy Father’s Day to Dad and Poppy! The Lions managed to stay off the bottom of the ladder and the Broncos could go all the way! You’ll both get your presents when I get home (provided I haven’t run out of money or room in my bag of course!)


43 degrees 44 minutes North / 10 degrees 58 minutes West


Currently located 390nm SW of Brest sailing downwind and experiencing strong NE winds with a 1.5m swell. Our current speed is 8kts and the temperature is 14 degrees.