Captain's Log
V05A/15: Passage Five - Part A
22 July 2015


Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 11 of our voyage. We have continued to be blessed with good weather and favourable winds and during the past 24hrs we have continued to make good speed across the North Sea to Kristiansand. Given these conditions we took the opportunity today to put the World Voyagers through their paces with a good set of rotational tacks followed by a Man Overboard Exercise (MOBEX) in which they performed exceptionally well. It is pleasing to see how well they are coming together as a crew and things like setting/furling sails and tacking the ship are now becoming second nature to this group of young mariners and I am sure they will do us proud in the Tall Ship Race commencing next week. Tonight it was back to Blue Watches turn to write the Captain Log so please enjoy reading about today’s activities. Until tomorrow, take care Yours Aye Captain Gav Captain’s Log – 22 July 15 Ahoy there, Welcome to the blue watch Captain’s log 100 miles north of the Netherlands, 80 miles west of Denmark. Last night a leadership/team challenge was set for the blue watch to set the storm tri-sail using handheld radios. Tim was locked away in the chart house/challenger room and given instructions to decipher and relay to the rest of the team on deck. The team successfully completed the challenge in raising the storm tri-sail while developing and enhancing their leadership and teamwork skills. In our Morning Brief, Salty the Sea Dog taught us about the crows nest. Did you know that the crows nest is called the crows nest because birds used to bring sticks up there? We will leave the rest to your imagination. We had a visit from Nana who is keeping the ship in mint condition picking up after us all and teaching us to be neat and tidy. This was followed by the staffies teaching us a song about being a sailor. It was then time for our favourite part of the day happy hour (cleaning stations). Our resident engineer Shaun gave a brief on the ship storage tanks and engines. We learnt the location of the grey and black water tanks, how much water we can carry, water consumption and the importance of 90 second showers. After an amazing lunch of roast pork, chicken, rice and salads prepared by the resident chef Marcos, we had a couple of hours to catch up on sleep, write in our journals, soak up the sun and play board games. This was followed by round 4 of Rope Races where the competition continues to heat up. All three watches were on deck and rotated through the three tacking stations and setting the sails in preparation for the tall ship race in Kristiansand. After setting and furling the sails the Staffies challenged us with a man over board drill, this involved all three watches working together to furl the sails and assist in retrieving the man (life buoy) overboard. By keeping a direct eye on the location we steered the ship in close proximity which enabled Taffy to jump in the sea and attach the harness to the life buoy as the youth crew pulled them back to safety. Annmaree, Duddle says hello, all is well. Holla out to Clara, Mel, Stewie, Fred and partners – Rosemary, Mike and Denise from Lucy!! Still alive :D Red, make sure you play with Squid for me – Mikey Hello Mum, Dad, Big Sis, Big Bro, Jon the Bailey and Graham families. Having an amazing time – Izzy Hello everyone at home. Having a wonderful time! –Rowena Hi Mum, Dad and Caleb and everyone else! Having a great time! Hope all is good back home. Ask Ben if the house still clean if you see him or Tyler because I know it wont be hahahaha WooooWhoooo!!! Today is seven months to the day that I sailed with the ship from Sydney. It’s almost home time! I cannot wait to be back home with the hubby  LMU James Matters xxx – Jodes Hi Mum and Dad, I’m still alive and well – its been good sailing downwind towards the fjords of Northern Europe. Hi Danni –miss you lots and love you babe. Dr Nick. ;-) Hi Mum and Dad, All is well, had some good sailing so far. Tell Sven not a car to be seen. Hi Jess and James if you are reading this. – Tim


55°34'n / 6°40'e


Currently located 160nm SE of Kristiansand and enjoying moderate SW winds with a .5m SSW swell. Current speed is 5kts and the temperature is 16 degrees.