Captain's Log
2 June 2004

End of Voyage

Once our half day sail guests departed yesterday the youth crew busied themselves with their End of Voyage Talks. This activity is designed to review the lessons learnt over the past 8 days and share these experiences such that the youth crew are able to relate these lessons to their normal lives at home.Being alongside a marina enabled the youth crew to enjoy a comfortable afternoon and evening, with the nearby coffee shop doinga roaring trade of hot chocolates, milkshakes and real coffee. The decision not to anchor in the lumpy lee of Round Island was appreciated by all.Chef Mac provided another excellent meal which was enjoyed by all before all youth crew were mustered on deck for a specialoccasion. Kyel from Canberra had turned 17, and was presented with a delicious cake and a present from his mother who had the cunning and foresight to send it to the ship before it departed Cairns.Overnight the youth crew were kept busy with their final watch onboard. After completing a voyage critique, the youth crewwere presented with a book – ‘The Life and Times of Young Endeavour’, a wonderful book that covers the history of the Ship, and its early years. Overnight highly artistic and creative entries were made inthe Watch Scrapbook, comments written in the front of their books and phone numbers and emails exchanged.At Morning Brief, salty sea dog Jo told all the origins of the term ‘Two Six Heave’. This term is used when heaving in on linesto create a momentary force much stronger than a steady pull would achieve. The animated tale comes from the days of sail, and Jo’s tale was enhanced by audience participation – Thank you to Nat!At 0830 the Ship departed the marina for a short sail. Whilst underway the youth crew proceeded to lay aloft and as the Shipcame back alongside at 1000 sang a very rousing (if not necessarily in tune) National Anthenm to cheers of several family and friends.And thus Voyage 10 of 04 draws to a close. Our new friends will depart to their normal lives, but I am confident every one hadthe voyage of a lifetime and their memories and friendships will continue. All the best to Shez who is leaving the ship for a posting south. Her expertise, friendship and camaraderie have been an important part of keeping YOUNG ENDEAVOUR doing what she does best – sailing with young Australians on great adventures.Yours Aye,Phil GadenLEUT, RANActing Commanding Officer


21° 6' South / 149° 14' East


Wind southeasterly at 20 knots.