Captain's Log
24 June 2010

Election Day; now that\’s a coincidence.

Overnight the ship sailed within the confines of Hervey Bay necessitating the ship to wear (gybe) about every four hours whilst the YC put the finishing touches onto their training in preparation for Command Day. During the day demonstration tacks were completed where each of the YC is given the opportunity to witness a tack from the bridge whilst getting a running commentary from yours truly. After lunch each of the watches was required to demonstrate to me that they had the ability to set and furl the various sails effectively and safely. I was pleased that each watch achieved this. A set of rope races followed prior to the ship coming to anchor in the southern part of Hervey Bay. Pizza night was the dinner activity and I then briefed the YC on what is required for Command Day. I then left them to elect their team. An hour or so later Rory (as elected Captain) gave me his list of elected positions. On paper it looked a fairly good team. Tomorrow will tell. I wish them well. I hear we have a new PM; coincidence or not?Captain GunnaCarpe’ Diem


25° 6' South / 153° 7' East


At anchor Hervey Bay. Wind SE 5-15 kts