Captain's Log
V08/21 Airlie Beach to Cairns
22 July 2021

Dunk Island to Sea – Command Day Part 1

Hey hey hey! It’s Tiarna reporting to you on day 8! After a beautiful morning watching the sunrise and eating a BBQ breaky on deck, the staff crew have decided to take a holiday, and hand the ship over to us Youthies for the next 24 hours. Due to extremely low winds we were hooning along at 1 nautical mile per hour! But to our dismay, we have picked up some speed which means we will be arriving in cairns on our designated day. Boohoo, we were hoping for a few extra days! Captain Matt, Navigator Nick, and Sail master Sophia have done a brilliant job so far at keeping us on track, and making sure we are still having fun while doing some hard yakka. A big highlight of the day was when we had a rave party below deck with good tunes, a disco ball and even disco lights. Despite running on little sleep, everyone is still smiling and in high spirits! We are all looking forward to another big day of sailing tomorrow!
Hi mum, Dad and Isaac !! I miss you !
Jules also wants to say hi to his mummy.


Thanks Tiarna, I am intrigued you say you are all running on little sleep because we had last night at anchor? Anyway maybe you were too excited about Command Day? Very disappointing wind today and not matching what was forecast. We were expecting 10 – 15 kn and got about 5 kn. Hopefully we will get some during the night and in the morning.

Until tomorrow when we will anchor at Fitzroy Island. Yours Aye, Captain Mike


17 41.9'S / 146 12.6'E


Wind: light and variable, Sea and Swell: negligible, Weather: fine and clear, Temp: 23 deg C