Captain's Log
7 February 2008

Dunk Island

Ahoy Shipmates, During the early hours of this morning the wind continued to abate until finally YE was almost becalmed (making only 1kt boat speed) . Given these conditions I had no other option than to approve the use of main engines for the next four hours so that we could achieve our planned anchorage at Dunk Island. Just after 0800 YOUNG ENDEAVOUR entered Brammo Bay coming to anchor just off the very picturesque Dunk Island. Following morning brief, happy hour/cleaning stations and a quick set of rope races a very enthusiastic YC were ferried ashore to the main beach of Dunk Island. While ashore the Watch Leaders took the opportunity to conduct mid voyage talks which once completed gave the YC another three hours ashore to enjoy the many activities available to them on Dunk Island. This evening we enjoyed a ���teak deck BBQ’ which was followed by a very entertaining session of three way talks. This exercise assists the YC in getting to know other members of the other watches. Everyone have now settled into anchor watches for the evening and will all enjoy a good night’s sleep.Yours AyeCaptain GavPlease find attached Youth Crew entry for today’s Captains Log Today is Wednesday, Day 5 and we’re anchored off Dunk Island. This morning we woke up to Blue watch’s 106.3 PA radio shake up. We started as usual with Morning Brief and Gothic Nanna, making her second appearance ever in the history of YE. After a very satisfying Snappy Hour (Happy Hour/cleaning) we were ferried over to the Dunk Island Resort. It was a scorching ���rip your clothes off�� day by the looks of peoples lobster coloured sunburns this evening. We attempted to snorkel but were bitterly disappointed with a sighting of only one fish in murky water. We saw whales and dolphins (well we realised the dolphin was in fact a snorkeller, but nonetheless we were excited and took photos). We played volley ball and Frisbee and ate some good steak fries and Cornettos.We are well on our way to breaking the record of the most number of tacks in a voyage, currently 34. By day 4, we had already completed 19, most of which done in the middle of the night.Spewometer was nil today, however, land sickness took over when we hit the shore.For dinner, Teak Deck BBQ was on the menu and we wined and dined as the sun set, on sausages, hamburgers, scallops, satay chicken with the nutbush and ice-cream cones for dessert. Deck Dancing followed with people going bananas by breaking out into sailing inspired dance-moves.After dinner, three-way talks (where we learnt about two other people and became them, then spoke about them in front of the youth crew and staff) with charades entertained us and made our cheeks sore from laughing.State of Origin scores are currently being broadcast on the pipes.Tomorrow, we’re off to discover Hinchinbrook Island where the Staff have promised a beautiful walk to a waterfall and much sky-larking (our phrase of the day from our Salty Sea Dog Damo).Love toMum, Dad and Hayden (Drew)Mum, Dad, Amanda, Madeleine, Chris (Tamara)Mum, Dad, Katherine, Marie-Louise, Aaron, Michael (Michelle) Em gutpela tru!!Jerry (Caitlin)Kate (Tim)Mum and Dad (Morgan)Mum and Dad (James)Mum and Dad, Laryssa, all my mates (Ash)Mum and Dad, Aimee, Hallie Ballie Sallie, Smudgy (Bianca)Mum and Dad (Cal)Mum, Dad and Peter (David)Mum, Dad, Kieran, Jacqueline and Kurt (Michelle)Mum and Preston (Nic)From all the Youth Crew of Voyage 10/08, Cairns (back to Cairns) to Townsville.


17° 59' South / 146° 8' East


Currently at anchor in Brammo Bay (Dunk Island) and experiencing light SE winds.