Captain's Log
V11/18 Newcastle to Brisbane
26 June 2018

Down wind on the squares

Overnight with the ship remained at sea on passage to Brisbane. We motor sailed with the main staysail centred due the relatively light southerly winds and a speed of advance required of 6 knots to get us to Brisbane on time.Morning brief was held at 0900, our usual at sea time, and then after Sail Master Ev had given the Main sail and Square sail briefs, we set a full press of sail and shut down the engines. It was then into ‘Happy Hour’ followed by lunch. During the afternoon we furled and brailed the fore-and-aft sails and ran down wind on the squares. Ev was generous enough to give us a Siesta for an hour after lunch. That was followed by the first round of ‘Rope Races’ a Ship’s knowledge competition between the watches to see who has been learning the names and locations of important equipment onboard. The subject of today’s round was ‘Safety Equipment’ and once the watches got the idea of the game they competed enthusiastically. Harry followed Ropies with a Navigation Brief, imparting coastal navigation theory and practice to the youth crew. This is aimed at giving the crew the knowledge they need to navigate the Ship on Command Day, skills they will have the opportunity to hone between now and then. At 1400 we took the Ship to Tacking Stations and undertook ‘Rotational Tacks’, during which the crew rotate through the other watches’ tacking stations to enable the them to experience what the other watches do when we tack the Ship. This is important for Command Day when watches need to be re-organised. Dinner and then watches overnight followed. Until tomorrow. Yours Aye,Captain Mike PS. Happy 26th Birthday to Adam, Love Loz


30 07.0' S / 153 19.8' E


Weather - fine, Wind - southerly at 16 knots, Swell - from SE at 1.5 m, Temp: 15 deg. C