Captain's Log
V11/17 Brisbane to Mackay
9 April 2017

Departed Moreton Bay

Hi Everyone,                     Welcome to Day 2 of our Voyage. The Youth Crew awoke to a fine but windy Tangalooma morning well rested after their first night onboard.  Following an Early Morning Activity (EMA) and the normal large Young Endeavour ‘Big Breakfast’ the Youth Crew mustered on deck for a harness brief which was followed by first climbs of the foremast, which were successfully completed by 1130.Lunch followed then on completion of a short afternoon brief we weighed anchor, departed our sheltered Tangalooma anchorage and commenced our long pilotage out of Moreton Bay via the Main Channel. During this pilotage the Youth Crew spent time with their Watch Leaders learning deck safety and how to set and furl fore and aft sails. These activities were interrupted late in the afternoon when thunder storms rolled in across Moreton Bay with some heavy rain squalls and strong winds. These conditions remained with us until early evening which reduced our boat speed considerably and resulted in it taking a lot longer than expected to clear Moreton Bay. Finally at 1930 we exited the Main Channel passed Caloundra and commenced our passage north along Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.The time is now 2100 and the Youth Crew have settled into Watches overnight where they will take turns at helming the ship, keeping lookout and conducting hourly rounds ensuring that everything onboard is working correctly.These strong northerly winds have made the conditions a little unpleasant but we expect things to improve early tomorrow morning when the wind is forecast to back to the west then south west which should provide us with some good sailing as we head north.Currently we are located 15nm to the south east of Mooloolaba motor sailing in moderate to strong northerly conditions.           Until tomorrow evening, take care. Yours AyeCaptain Gav


26 47.5 S / 153 11. 5 E


Currently experiencing moderate-strong NNE winds with a 1-2m NNE swell. Our current speed is 5kts and the temperature is 18 degrees.