Captain's Log
V05A/15: Passage Five - Part A
17 July 2015


Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 6 of our voyage. Following an extremely successful visit to London we departed St Katharine Docks at just after 1500 this afternoon and are now conducting our long pilotage out of the Thames. Regrettably our programmed sailing through the Tower Bridge had to be cancelled right at the last moment due to a security scare which closed the bridge to everyone with a lot of uncertainty on when it would it reopen. Given this information and the strong tides that affect this part of the Thames it was impossible for us to wait in the Lock for a few hours hoping that approval may be given for the bridge to reopen so we had to depart. Also following our departure we were notified that we were lucky to have gotten out of St Katharine Docks when we did because it looked like this area was also going to be closed.Anyway we are now safely on our way to Lowestoft with our World Voyagers happy to be back at sea and looking forward to our short passage along the English Coast. At present the weather conditions are forecast to be favourable so we should experience some pleasant sailing conditions.Tonight it is White Watch’s turn to write the Captains Log and volunteering to tell you about their experiences in London is Jonno and Jack. Enjoy!Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav CAPTAINS LOG 17 JUL 15 AHOY! Greetings from White Watch onboard the Young Endeavour. We are currently making our way down The Thames River after two very busy, fun and rewarding days in London. We arrived in London on Wednesday afternoon and were all amazed by the skill of the Australian Navy and local wharf staff. Their efforts to navigate the ship through an extremely tight passage way full of many obstacles was nerve racking and commendable. The ship then docked at the St Katharine Docks, right next to the Tower Bridge and The Tower of London. Upon arriving, everyone was extremely busy getting prepared for our formal event at Trinity House to welcome the return of the Young Endeavour to England. Everybody was looking amazing and we were thrilled to be rubbing shoulders with Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Kent, politicians, members of other sail training organisations and even former Young Endeavour Alumni. Thursday was left free for us to explore London and we set off on many different adventures, including exploring some of the many museums, parks, visiting Greenwich and some of us were even lucky enough to head along to Lords and cheer on the Aussies in the opening day of the second Ashes Test. In the evening the entire youth crew met up at the ship and wandered along to a local restaurant for a family meal. This afternoon we were again amazed by the skill of our awesome staff onboard, who navigated us back out of the labyrinth of St Katharine Docks. Unfortunately we were unable to complete our pass under The Tower Bridge due to an apparent security issue in the area and although we were disappointed, everyone handled it really well. There appeared to be lots of people lined up along the side of The Thames, who I guess may have to wait until the ship returns next time to see her pass under the bridge. We are now heading towards our next destination, Lowestoft, on the East coast of England, where the Young Endeavour was built. Jonno and Jack signing outHappy birthday Lilly, I hope you had a great day, love JessieHi Mum, Dad, Sarah, Terrance, Bek, Shayne and Nanna, having a great time. London was great, hope you guys are having fun in Australia/Northern Ireland. Bek can you give Luie a hug from me. Also congrats to the Karikos on the safe arrival of Aiden Alexander Marc Kariko, can’t wait to meet him when I get home! Lots of love Lollie xx Hi Mum, Dad, Alex, Obe and Amy, I hope you that you haven’t frozen in chilly Sydney. I miss you all lots and lots. Having an amazing adventure wish you were here; give the boys a cuddle from me. Love Nica xoxHi Mum and Dad, love Jack. Shout out to Little Miss Jordie Collins! Wishing you a very happy 11th birthday for yesterday. Hope you had a great day and continue to enjoy the birthday celebrations throughout the weekend. All my love, Aunty Jodie xxx


51°34'n / 1°10'e


Currently conducting our pilotage out of the Thames and experiencing moderate SW winds with nil swell. Current temperature is 19 degrees.