Captain's Log
14 December 2000

Deck Surfing

Overnight we sailed east across Bass Strait and had a relaxing day with lots of deck games. We had a silent period in the afternoon where the generator was shut down and people could have a siesta. Well most people chose not to and had some fun on deck instead. We’ve done a lot of sail handling so far to adapt to the variable conditions and tonight will be our third straight night at sea. During the evening we were in the middle of rotational tacks when a warship appeared (HMAS MELBOURNE) and did some circle work around us at full speed. We enjoyed the display and their crew were all on deck to watch us sail along peacefully with all sails set.Tomorrow we hope to reach Twofold Bay at Eden for an overnight stay.Youth crew entry by Felicity Cox, age 19, Croydon NSW: What a great day – not too much wind but that hasn’t stopped us enjoying ourselves. This afternoon we turned the generator off and sailed silently for the first time and what a magical experience it was with just the sounds of the ocean and the wind in the sails. Only problem was we had to turn the generator back on again when we all decided we couldn’t hold on any longer before needing to use the heads. The rest of the afternoon was spent in surfing lessons on deck where we still managed to get wet thanks to Paul. I’m looking forward to a good night’s sleep tonight seeing as I’m ‘dish pig’ for the day and won’t have to get up for my night watch. Hi to Mum, Dad, Toby and Sol and see you all soon, although I’m enjoying myself so much I don’t want the voyage to come to an end.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


38° 0' South / 149° 0'


Current situation at 1800: In Bass Strait near the oilrigs. Wind southerly at 4 knots Temp 19C.