Captain's Log
V15/16 Darwin (NT) to Darwin (NT)
9 September 2016

Day5 – King George River to Sea

Ahoy there Shipmates, We had a great night at anchor in Koolama Bay, although a bit more breeze would have been nice to cool down the Ship some more. Youth Crew got their first experience of anchor watches, during which they were responsible for monitoring the safety of the Ship through the night. At first light the remaining Staffies, who had yet to get ashore, took a quick scenic RHIB trip to explore the river gorge. On their return, the crew mustered on the bridge for the ceremony of ‘Colours’. The staffies added a twist by singing the usual Advance Australia Fair first verse to the tune of the theme from the TV series‘Gilligan’s Island’. Unfortunately our singing talents didn’t allow the youthies to recognise the tune! This was followed by Morning Brief and then Happy Hour. I then gave my presentation on Sail Theory. The aim of this brief is to equip the crew with some basic knowledge on the requirements of the Young Endeavour sail plan as well as the wind limitations of the different sails, which will be necessary knowledge for the Youth Crew on Command Day. After another of Keely’s spectacular lunches we gave the youthies a break for some chill time. At 1330 we launched into Marty’s nautical Rule of the Road interactive presentation, which was followed by the next round of Ropies. After a short break we conducted ‘Demonstrational Tacks’. This is another activity that prepares the youthies for Command Day. We got three members of each watch up to the bridge to observe the Tacking process, until we had worked our way through the whole youth crew. I explained the process to each group to enhance their understanding. This will be critically important for the youthies elected captain, sail master and navigator. It also gives everyone a deeper understanding of what we are doing and why. The Sail Master and I then decided it was time to break-out the rope swing again and we opened the ‘big pool’ for another 45 minute ocean swim. After dinner the youthies kicked-into night watches. Until tomorrow evening. Yours Aye Captain Mike


13 20.6 S / 128 21.6E


Wind - Westerly at 7 kn, Weather - fine, Swell - 0.25m from the east, Humidity - high, Temp - 25 deg C