Captain's Log
6 April 2016

Day two – Hiding out

Greetings friends of the Young Endeavour,We awoke this morning, safe and secure in Salamander Bay, albeit a little damp. The trough down the east coast delivered some rain throughout the night and day, but it was certainly no down pour. Youthies were awoken by the velvet tones of Taff the Sailmaster on the main broadcast, and like coiled springs, they were straight up and into showers and breakfast. The traditional Naval ceremony of Colours took place at 0800 and morning brief was conducted on completion. A few ‘house rules’ and guidance, was provided by various members of ships staff, such as from Danny the Engineer, regarding water and plumbing usage. Marcos gave some hints and tips to remain as healthy as possible and Keely broke the sad news that the ships’ cow had passed and we were all to go easy on the milk. You get the idea.Then without any more ado’s (whatever they are!) our soggy sailors were introduced to their harnesses. A very thorough, ‘safety aloft’ briefing was delivered by Taffy, before youthies donned harnesses and gave each other a buddy check. It was then up and over the futtocks and out on the topsail yard for their first climbs. They climbed in their watches, so when the youthies weren’t climbing they were getting some deck safety training and literally learning the ropes. The last watch returned on deck just in time for lunch, but I have to say that I was very proud of our new shipmates, and their willingness to have a go and push through their fears. It was a fantastic effort, you would be proud of them too.After lunch, it was time for a little chat from your humble narrator, about what to expect over the next 10 days and ways to ensure maximum involvement in the program. Simply, to ‘get amongst it’, was the key. Taffy was next to the speakers’ podium and reminded the youth crew on their responsibilities, some words on safety, and a few more ‘guidelines’ to ensure communal harmony and unconditional positive regard for all. Once the lectures – I mean – fire side chats were completed, everyone was up on deck for some more line handling and deck safety drills, until dinner was served. Wow, Keely is a true wizz in the galley, dinner was superb, roast lamb and potato bake and pork chow mein… and the steaks were sublime (I cooked them myself!). Yes, I have many skills.Anyway, watch leaders will take their watches through more consolidation of skills overnight, remaining vigilant for any nasty squalls that may pass through. I dare say there will be some. But as well as the youthies, staff will remain vigilant throughout the night and rest assured, we will be ready to react, come what may.Yours Aye,Captain AdamQuotes of the day: “Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible. Suddenly you’re doing the impossible” – St Francis of Assisi.“Good things come to those who wait, but better things come to those who get off their backsides and get stuff done!” – Me.


32 43 S / 152 05 E


Cloudy and squally. Wind NE 20-30. Temp 18.