Captain's Log
16 March 2016

Day Ten – Final Night of Voyage

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day ten and the final night of our voyage. Overnight and during the early hours of this morning the Youth Crew managed to pass through all of the required waypoints and by 0900 we were located 8nm to the south east of Port Hacking sailing down wind under all three squares and the main staysail. At 1015 the Staff took back the navigation of the ship piloting it safely into our planned anchorage at Port Hacking.

Once safely at anchor a brief ceremony was held to officially hand the ship back to the Staff Crew then the Youth Crew were stood down until 1400 so that they could get some much needed rest following a challenging 24hr Command Period.

Later this afternoon we completed the Command Day debrief which was followed by the final set of rope races then harbour furls of the squares. This evening we enjoyed a pizza dinner followed by a SOD’s Opera then had to dash below for the end of voyage slide show due to a passing shower.

The rest of the evening was spent with the Youth Crew completing end of voyage questionnaires and “letters to themselves”, which are returned to each Youth Crew member six months after voyage completion. Whilst the Youth Crew were completing these final administration tasks the Staff Crew took the opportunity to conduct the ‘end of voyage’ debriefs.

At 0615 tomorrow morning Young Endeavour will weigh anchor, depart Port Hacking then transit the 18nm to Sydney Heads where we will make our grand entrance into the spectacular Sydney Harbour having now been gone for just short of 15 months. Once inside the harbour we will conduct a boat transfer so that we can embark His Excellency the Governor of NSW who will sail with us down the harbour to our berth at Garden Island.

At 1000 Young Endeavour will berth for the final time for this voyage at Fleet Base East Berth No2 where I am sure that we will be met by a large group of family, friends and World Voyagers.

Once our guests have had a tour of the ship I will give my final address to the Youth Crew then present them with Certificates of Achievements. Once completed, we will say our final sad goodbyes then the Youth Crew of Voyage 05-16 will depart the ship.

This ends the Captains Logs for this voyage. Young Endeavour will move over to the Sydney Maritime Museum where she will be open to the public from 1300-1600 on Saturday 19th March 2016. We will embark the Youth Crew of Voyage 06-16 while alongside the Maritime Museum on Sunday 20th March 2016 who will sail the ship from Sydney to Sydney.

Until then, take Care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


34 04 S / 151 09 E


Currently at anchor in Port Hacking and enjoying moderate 10-15kt SE winds with a .2m SE swell. The current temperature is 19 degrees