Captain's Log
V17/16 Broome (WA) to Exmouth (WA)
10 August 2016

Day Six – Strong Winds

Hi Everyone,                     Welcome to day 6 of our voyage. The Youth Crew were given a extra 30 minute sleep in this morning and were woken at 0700 where our early morning activity consisted of  a refreshing early morning swim, which also included some acrobatics from the Young Endeavour rope swing . Once out of the water we enjoyed an alfresco BBQ breakfast served on deck with Trimouille Island as our ‘picture perfect’ backdrop. Once we had cleaned up from breakfast we conducted morning brief which was followed by another good set of cleaning stations then   the Youth Crew were sent aloft to cast loose gaskets on the squares in preparation for our departure. This departure occurred sooner than we planned when at 1215 the wind strengthened to 28kts which caused us to drag anchor. Engines were quickly started so that we could weigh anchor then once clear of our anchorage we set the topsail and topgallant then shutdown main engines and quickly departed Benedictine Bay. Given that we now had some good sailing conditions we set as much sail as possible for these conditions and headed out to sea so that the Youth Crew could experience sailing the ship in some strong conditions. Late this afternoon we conducted a good set of rotational tacks then kept heading WNW until early evening when we wore ship, altered course to the SE then commenced closing the coast. Overnight in strong 25-30kt south westerly conditions the Youth Crew will complete the BEAREX (Teamwork and Communication exercise) as we continue to make good speed under sail towards the coastal town of Onslow which we have planned as our next anchorage. Until tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav 


20 04 S / 115 17 E


Currently located 23nm to the NW of the Montebello Islands sailing close hauled under fore and aft sail and experiencing very strong 25-30kt SW winds with a 2-3m SW swell. Our current speed is 8kts and the temperature is 18 degrees.