Captain's Log
6 August 2016

Day Six – First sunrise at sea

Sunrise at sea is such a marvellous thing. A simple pleasure. Witnessing this rare event (for some) this morning, was made even rarer by its viewing from aloft the foremast. That’s a sight and feeling to cherish forever, and not something many can hold claim to. They tell me it was a ripper sunrise too.
Overnight the watches were kept busy with sail handling drills, navigation training, steering, look-out and rounds duties. And obviously, a bit of climbing. We’re not giving these guys time to scratch themselves! It is a training ship after all… but I don’t hear any complaints! These youthies are actually having a ball. So too are the staff. There’s definitely something therapeutic about good old fashioned hard work and fun. And yes, both those words go together very well. I’m sure the salt air has something to do with it also.
As with overnight, we kept busy during the day too. Breakfast, morning brief, happy hour, then it was time for yours truly to pass on a little knowledge of sail theory. Like our navigation and rules of the road briefs, my sail theory talk was merely an introduction and youthies were encouraged to use their remaining time onboard (surrounded by subject matter experts) wisely, to focus on their interests and to fill their curious minds.
We were followed by a good sized pod of dolphins for most of the forenoon and a couple of whales shadowed us for a while also. I never tire of being in the presence of these amazing creatures. Black browed albatross and Australasian gannet also kept us company. There were other things flying through the air too… eggs! Yes, Danny’s rope races involved flying eggs as did Taffy’s kooky ‘Egg drop’ activity which took place this afternoon, where each watch must design and build egg protection to save an egg being dropped from the lower top, some 10 m high. Birdy and T describe the event:
“Birdy and T’s favourite activity for the day! (other than rope races and happy hour). Eggstraviganza!!!!!!!!!! All three watches had to save their watch leaders (an egg) from falling from the course yard to the deck without breaking. 30 minutes were given for the watches to come up with a contraption for the watch leader to land safely. Luke, Hannah and Macca let the eggs fly while the rest of each watch crossed their fingers. Unfortunately Horto died….. but Matt and Marcos survived!!!!!!! Blue watch was accused of cheating when Ash caught Marcos (the egg not actually Marcos). He then flew down once more and the doctor (Taffy) gave the all clear! “
There was poetry involved too. Bet you didn’t think these youthies would be doing arts and crafts and composing poems on this voyage! Either did they, but we’re moulding creative leaders of tomorrow here, so we need to be a little creative ourselves.
As soon as the yoke was washed from the decks, the next activity kicked into gear. ‘Rotational Tacks’ is where each watch rotates around the other tacking stations to learn what’s required from a whole ship perspective. They have been deemed competent at their own tacking stations but when watches are mixed for Command Day, everyone needs to know every aspect of tacking the ship. So we did that and tacked the ship 3 or 4 times.
Well, another busy day was in almost in the books. A beautiful sunset too tonight ladies and gentlemen, again witnessed from aloft the foremast, but the sun set over land (near Coffs Harbour) so it wasn’t nearly as cool as the sunrise. Pretty though. Another lovely dinner (white chocolate mud cake, folks!), then more fun and games during watches overnight. If I may say so, these salty sea dogs are certainly getting their moneys worth! And we threw in the dolphins for free!
Yours Aye,
Captain Adam

Quote of the day:
“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough” – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today” – James Dean.

Shout outs:

Hey Mum, George, Maunty Andy, Uncle Norman, Bubba Roochy, Sarah, Michael, Tom and Harry. Hope you guys are having a great time wherever you all are! We’re pretty much in the thick of It now and everyone’s learning lots, the views are so extraordinary! Really miss all you lads. Harry, hope your exams are going well. And to Angus, I want you to know we’re all doing this for you mate.
Peace and Love- Jackson
Hey Mum, Dad, Grandma and Tiff. Hope everything is good back home; I’m having a great time and learning so much every day. I’ve learnt more about navigation and it’s probably my favourite job aboard. Our chef Keely is amazing and all the meals are fantastic!! Not sure if you leave before or after I come home Grandma, but just in case, I hope you have a great time! Tiff, hope your at school by 8:30 every day (haha ) and exams aren’t to bad! Miss you homie.
Lots of Love, Ash

Where to begin? Ahoy there Clive, Martine and Brian. I hope you’re feeling honoured I gave up the ships helm to write this. As day 6 aboard the Endeavour draws to a close, all are you in spirits. The days beautiful westerly winds made for great sailing, with the crew keen to set and furl the sails. Unfortunately with the wind backing to the north, sails were furled and underwater sails set. Apart from the games on deck the crew were happy to have some more lectures on sailing and navigation from both Captain Adam and our navaguessor Kyle. Each day bring more challengers, games and fun, with the crew eager to take part. Before I finish up and claim my stop back as helmsman I’d just like to say.. Laura Lou, I do miss you so much and am keen to unload my millions of stories on you all when I get home. Signing out! Grant Hardwick


29 57 S / 153 25 E


Fine. Wind NNW 5-10 kts. Temp 20