Captain's Log
V04/17 Hobart (TAS) to Melbourne (VIC)
20 February 2017

Day Seven – A Tough 24hrs in Bass Strait

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to day seven of our voyage. As forecast the wind did back to the southwest overnight as a strong frontal system passed over Bass Strait and by morning brief we were located 50nm to the southeast of Westernport Bay sailing close hauled in very strong 25-32kt south westerly winds.

With these strong winds came rough conditions which meant that none of us had gotten much sleep overnight but despite the weather we were determined to press on with the day’s programmed activities.

Following the normal entertaining morning brief we went straight into Captains Setting and Furling Drills and it was pleasing to observe the high standards of all three watches as they successfully passed this important activity. We had planned to follow this activity with demonstrational tacks but the strong winds and passing squalls prevented this. Instead we focussed on sailing the ship hard so that we could reach the confines of Westernport Bay as quickly as possible.

This occurred at 1300 when we entered Westernport Bay under reduced sail but still achieving speeds of 8-10kts as we surfed down the large 2-3m swell that was coming straight into the bay. Given the passing squalls and strong winds our original planned anchorage at Cowes was no longer suitable so we headed further down to Crib Point where we eventually found a sheltered anchorage.

Once safely at anchor Kyle the Boats Officer, gave a presentation on Rules of the Road which was closely followed by his metrological brief. Dinner followed then it was straight into my Command Day brief followed by Command Day elections.

To complete the night’s activities we will be screening the classic Tall Ship movie ‘Around Cape Horn’ then everyone will settle into anchor watches overnight ensuring that they will be well rested for what should be a challenging Command Day.

Until tomorrow evening, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


38 21 S / 145 13 E


Currently at anchor in Westernport Bays Crib Point and experiencing moderate 15-20kt SW winds with nil swell and the temperature is 14 degrees.