Captain's Log
V19/16 Fremantle (WA) to Esperance (WA)
28 November 2016

Day One – Sea Legs?

Good evening Land Lubbers,

We departed Fremantle at 1545, some 15 minutes ahead of schedule to allow for some other shipping movements in the harbour. We waived farewell to some friends, family and loved ones as we sailed, or rather motored, across to Rottnest Island. We took opportunity to get to know each other, primarily in our watches (or small teams) before covering-off some more safety aspects and doing a detailed tour of the ship. We anchored off the north-eastern tip of Rottnest Island, seeking shelter from a cold front that has just passed through and avoiding the choppy conditions of the previous few hours. Importantly, this allowed us to enjoy a lovely dinner before some introductory sail handling activities.

We will remain at anchor overnight as most of us have had a very long day.

Until tomorrow, fair winds and following seas as they say out here.

Dave (or for those that prefer ‘Yak’ – a long story perhaps for another time) …
Voyage Captain


31 Deg 59 Min South / 115 deg 33 Min East


Wx: Wind 200 at 20 knots, Pressure 1004, Temp: 17C (feels like 15C), Sea State 2, Swell 210 at 0.5 m