Captain's Log
V05/17 Melbourne (VIC) to Sydney (NSW)
3 August 2017

Day Nine – Command Day Part 2

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to day nine of our voyage. Following a successful Command Day in which the Youth Crew safely sailed the ship from Jervis Bay to Sydney the Staffies are now back firmly in control. One of the final tasks for the Youth Crew to complete was to write tonights Captains Log so please enjoy tonight’s edition very well written by Youth Crew Watch Leader Jade and Youth Crew Sail Master Georgia. Please Enjoy!

Until tomorrow evening, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Captain’s log
Wednesday 8th
Day 9
Good evening to the families of our youth crew and friends of the Young Endeavour,
Wow what a day! This morning we sailed into Sydney Harbour at 0900 and we were greeted by the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House as well as Tenacious which is the world’s biggest wooden ship in current operation. We started the morning off by brushing up on some sailing skills by making sure the Young Endeavour had an appriopate entrance into the harbour, this is the first time in a year she has been back to Sydney Harbour. We drew anchor and managed to get all 24 youth crew up aloft on the sails at once, which was a sight in itself. At this point our twenty four hours of holding command of the ship had come to an end, the command team did an amazing job and I am sure everyone is super proud of what they have achieved on command day. The cooks who were Callum, Connor and BJ managed to wip up a fantastic set of meals comprising of an American theme for lunch which included burgers and freshly made bread rolls, despite facing challenges of seasickness.
Once everyone had finishing climbing aloft we were taken to Rose Bay and were given a challenge, we needed to find as many locals as possible and sing the national anthem with them while holding our mascot (which was a melon wearing sunnies and a Young Endeavour hat) after a good search we stumbled across a group of young sailors who were keen to help us, so we as a group of about 40 people managed to belt out the national anthem. We then spent the afternoon exploring the Rose Bay’s local cafes and chocolate shop. After we made the journey back to the ship we had some down time in which we were able to write in our journals, play a card game or keep up with the daily newspaper we got in town. Dinner was its usual feast offering some spicy options this evening, then we conducted command day debrief which highlighted what worked well, what didn’t work so well and some take away points from the experience.
What an experience it was having command of a tall ship for a twenty four hour period. We faced rough seas and strong winds throughout the night which kept us on our toes but we all managed to push through and dig deep, a little bit of seasickness affected some of us but we managed to keep it at bay. A highlight of the debrief was discovering how much we did achieve, and how much we learnt from the experience. We also heard new insights and shared take away points with each other. We all managed to work on and improve on our communication, teamwork and leadership skills throughout the journey but especially on command day.
To finish off the evening we celebrated our successes with an epic dance party in the twelve berth, thanks to the staff who provided lights, decorations and music to suit the occasion while some of the youthies dressed up in floral shirts. We will be continuing our watches overnight at anchor, which are much shorter and less strenuous. This will ensure plenty of sleep will be had by all. As this adventure is coming to an end we were reminded tonight that we get out of life what we put into it and to always thrive in challenging times and to recognise the life lessons learnt along the way. As Gav always says, “attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure”. After, we enjoyed the absolute magnificence of Sydney harbour at night we are all looking froward to a well earned rest.
I am sure this experience has given us all new outlooks in life and shown us how far we can challenge ourselves and grow. All the crew are looking forward to getting home and sharing their experiences and enjoying relaxing on solid ground.
Youth crew Watch Leader Jade and youth Sail Master Georgia


33 51 S / 151 15 E


Currently at anchor in Rose Bay and experiencing moderate 12-16kt SE winds with passing showers and nil swell. The current temperature is 17 degrees.