Captain's Log
3 January 2016

Day Nine – At anchor Rye

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day nine of our voyage.Well Command Day is now complete with our young mariners doing a great job of sailing the ship from Westernport Bay to Port Phillip Bay and along the way passing through some waypoints and of course successfully completing a number of challenging tasks along the way. At 1300 today the ship was officially handed back to the Staffies (thankfully still in one piece) and we then piloted her through the entry of Port Phillip Bay (The infamous Rip) and through to our planned anchorage just of the township of Rye which is located on the Mornington Peninsular.Once at anchor we let the Youth Crew finish one final task which was to construct a rope hammock at midships that would support all of them. With this task complete we opened the pool and the rope swing and gave everyone a chance to take a refreshing swim in Port Phillip Bay. Dinner followed with tonight’s menu consisting of Roast Lamb and vegetables and Mossman Chicken Curry with Rice. Desert this evening was a Sticky Date Pudding with Ice Cream and Fresh Fruit Salad.Once we had cleaned up from dinner we conducted our facilitated Command Day debrief which we encourage the Youth Crew to focus on the good, not so good and most importantly the takeaway’s from this activity that can be used in normal life and their work environments. The time is now 2130 and we have just finished this debrief and we have now settled into anchor watches for the night so following an extremely busy 24 hours everyone should get a well deserved good nights rest.Until tomorrow, take care Yours AyeCaptain Gav  Day 9Ahoy there, J team (Jess & Jordie) here for your day 9 captains log, bringing you all the entertaining news and events from the Young Endeavour.Continuing on from our command day the early hours in the morning were not in our favour wind wise, making sailing very difficult and resulted in us requiring to turn to motor sailing. We then continued strongly on course and managed to hit some of our check points tasks given to complete along the way. All youth crew managed to work together as a team and pulled through 90% of the tasks given to us. To much to our dislike we handed back the beautiful Young Endeavour back to the slightly more experienced staffies at 1300. And then they graciously (not so much from Sail Master Dion, who still wanted to drill us with activities for the rest of the afternoon) allowed us to have some free time. Which, of course was mostly used to catch up on much needed rest, and for others to take in the spectacular views from laying aloft where we are currently anchored at Port Phillip Bay off Rye.After our much needed afternoon siesta’s, our next activity was at 1630 that involved constructing a hammock using nothing but ropes. Skills were put to the test as we had to use our knot tying knowledge that was acquired at early hours of the morning to hold all 24 youthies on our man made rope hammock at once, without touching anything but the ropes. After such a stressful event which was time limited to allow time for the next activity, we tried to complete this task as quickly as possible as we were all hanging out for the exciting opportunity to go for a swim!!! We managed to complete the rope hammock task and were then told we could go for a swim off the deck, which the staffies surprised us with a swing off the course yard, or alternatively jumping off the bowsprit, which we all thoroughly enjoyed as it was also starting to warm up.All crew and youthies then went into groups to have a debrief of the command day, how we went, what were the good things that happened, the bad things and also things that we would take away from it, this was a very worthwhile activity for all involved and everyone got heaps out of it, acquiring many skills to apply to the real world when this adventure is all over.For now we are out, time to get some much needed rest before anchor watches begin at 2200. That’s from us,Until then, take care.Yours aye,Jordie & JessShoutouts:Ahoy Matey! Almost a pirate 95% of the way there!! Hope everyone at home is well, missing you guys, love Jordie xxx J AAAARRRRHH! I like the cut of your jib ;)Hey guys! My name is Lauren, I’m 21 years old, I’m from Melbourne, Victoria and am having the time of my life on the Young Endeavour. Although exhausted, the sheer amount of awesome adventures we have packed into this trip has been unbelievable and probably why I’m so tired. My favourite part about this trip has been getting to know each and every person on board and sharing stories and playing card games, this trip would not have been the same without these awesome people. I guess I’m writing this little shout out to let my family know I’m alive 😛 and I am having such a good time. I have discovered that I am quite a capable person when given challenges, even on 6 hours sleep, which has been a challenge in itself, and one that we’ve all risen too. I’m so proud of all these people, and of myself, and all that we’ve achieved today and yesterday, with the 24 hours in command, and the whole trip. We were complete strangers before this trip, and now I don’t think I really remember why I was so nervous about going on this trip. Every aspect of this trip has been challenging and fun and always worth it and I am so grateful for this opportunity.Ahoy there!! It’s Toni from Wilcannia – far western NSW here. A little shout out to Billie & Michael Maher (mum & dad), Michael Junior (bro), the rest of the fam bam and to the one and only Dwayne Matthews (the babe); just to let you all know that I am still alive ahah xxx 


38 21 S / 144 49 E


Currently at anchor just to the south of Rye Jetty and enjoying light ESE winds with nil swell. The current temperature is 18 degrees.