Captain's Log
V18/16 Exmouth (WA) to Fremantle (WA)
28 October 2016

Day Eleven – Command Day

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to day eleven of our voyage. On a normal day I would be writing a full days log explaining what we have achieved and seen but as it is Command Day and I have handed the ship over to Youth Crew Captain Cameron and his faithful crew this responsibility has fallen on his shoulders and I am sure that you will enjoy reading about their exploits.
Until tomorrow, take care.
Yours Aye
Captain Gav


Thursday 27th October 16 – Voyage 18/16
Day 11
Hi Everybody,
Welcome to Day 11 of our voyage. Finally, we have reached Command Day, in which the whole Youth Crew takes over the ship with the task to make it to Rottenest Island by 3pm on Friday. As a crew we have elected our trusty new leaders in the hopes we will all safely arrive on time to relax for the last afternoon onboard together. Here’s to our new hierarchy!
Captain – Cameron
Sail Master – Kitila
Navigators – Jesse, Phillip
Watch Officer – David
Watch Leaders – Jac, Emily, Katie, Keeyan
Chefs – Ashley, Lachlan
So far it has been an interesting time, to say the least. Currently the Youth Crew have been in control of the ship for around 5 hours. We haven’t run aground yet so I’ll count that as a positive! Our well-trained navigators have plotted a course allowing us to sail by the wind. Around 6.30pm we conducted our first exercise as a united crew, ‘Hands to Tacking stations’, which allowed us to change direction onto our night’s course. This was our first opportunity to truly test ourselves as youth crew on the knowledge we have accumulated during the previous tacking throughout.
On top of navigating the Young Endeavour to our destination, we have been tasked to complete a number of jobs that require completion before giving up command tomorrow. These include strict adherence to meal timings in which our amazing cheffo’s achieved for our delicious feed tonight – Chicken Satay and Roast Lamb topped off with a White Chocolate Mudcake, thanks boys! I’m sure tomorrow mornings brief will be a success as we put on a show for the staff with our main goal being to ‘make Danny laugh!’ This may seem like an easy task, but I can assure you he’s going to be a tough one to crack!
I’m sure tomorrow will be full of funny stories and some quick learning curves as we attempt to navigate overnight through the ruthless Indian Ocean. Overall our journey on Command Day so far is shaping up to be a successful one (fingers crossed), just as long as the wind does as forecasted. Knowing our luck so far that may not be the case!
Signing off,
Captain Cam


30 29 S / 114 09 E


Currently located 110nm to the NW of Rotteness Island and experiencing moderate to strong SSW winds with a 2m SW swell. Our current speed is 7kts and the temperature is 16 degrees.