Captain's Log
6 October 2016

Day Eight – Command day

Evening all,
Sunrise on one side and the crazy reflective sky scrapers of the Gold Coast on the other was a little disconcerting this morning when I woke up and still wiping my eyes, but spectacular nonetheless. At 0700 we entered the Gold Coast Seaway and found a snug little anchorage anchorage adjacent Sea World. Beautiful.
Anyhoo, I will now hand over to the youth crew captain elect, Grant Hardwick of Tumut, NSW, to continue on with my… er… his, Captains Log.
Yours Aye,
Captain Adam

Ahoy thar! To the land lovers joining in and following us on this journey… Hello!
Yet again another great night at sea with the crew lucky enough to enjoy this leg of the journey under the splendid cover of the Milky Way. Watches were kept over night, however with the slight wind and calm seas, we were lucky enough to lie at the midships deck area and watch the sky through the foremast rigging. With the weather warming up as we passage north, watches are becoming more enjoyable all round. However the evening and early morning winds can still send a chill down even the strongest sailors back while taking a cheeky lookout above.
Of course in the morning, the best way to rise is through the sailmasters beautiful choice of music (which seems to go on incessantly…) Wakey wakey as usual was at 0700 with much of the crew surprised to come on deck to find we’d anchored in the Gold Coast’s beautiful South Port Harbour. For any sailor a hearty morning breakfast is always important with the talented Keeley never failing to impress. Morning brief commenced even in Capt’n Salty’s absence, but with luck the old seadog Kenny was there to tell us why (…In hindsight I wonder why they’re never on the bridge at the same time?). With a brief from Taffy and an inspirational quote from the man of all men, Captain Adam, all hands to the pumps was called and the crew kicked into gear to commence the day!
First on the agenda was a run ashore – which included a relaxing for’noon spent indulging in ice-cream and potato chips on the beach whilst enjoying the sun and surf. Although a fun day all round, the “command day election” was like a looming storm ahead… approaching omnisciently. Once all hands were back on deck it was straight to the galley for lunch, with another beautiful meal supplied by our wonderful chef (that’s Keeley by the way). After which was the designated nap time for the oldies. Well that’s what we assume as we couldn’t see any of the staffies. This was fortunate however as the deck was filled with youthie tanners, book readers and all the rest just soaking up the glorious sun.
Deck silence broke with the sounds of (tongue roll) RRRRRopies! And Danny lead another excellent game keeping the youthies on the tips of their toes by asking yet more complex and tricky question as to the location of various ropes and lines. After this Captain Adam briefed the crew on what command day positions were up for grabs and provided a detailed spiel on the skills and good practice for those elected. And finally the bell chimed and we went to the election booths! At 1330 the Captain left the deck and the youthies started voting. The available positions were well filled with each member willing and happy to put their name out to tender. I (Grant) was privileged to be elected as Captain leading ‘Jacko’ as the Sailmaster, ‘Ange’ as the Navigator and ‘Macca’ as Watch Officer, with the youthies also electing Hannah, ‘BigBen’ and Rachael as the new Blue/Red/White Watch Leaders.
The ceremonies commenced as each new commander got there task sheet. I (as captain) was handed the “weight of command” and given a task scroll of twenty challenges for our team to complete within the next 29 hours whilst we are in charge!…
From here on it was back to regular ship shape shifts. We hauled in the anchor and then my trusty navigator (or Naviguessor) and sailmaster set a course for Cape Moreton. Again another splendid meal this time with our elected Master Chefs Ash, Nick and Jess produced an exquisite culinary delight. With the ship now underway and the Staffies at ease, I fully trust in the excellent youthie crew we have sailing the Young Endeavour. Every crew member is a vital part of the sailing family we have aboard. Our spirits are high and the horizon is close!
Until tomorrow
Your 29 hour Captain
Captain Grant, signing out.

Shout outs:
It was a grand and revelry-rich affair when the Young Endeavour Elections came to the fore for our glorious Command Day. It was hard to stay the enthusiasm, that rushed new wind into our sails. A new Captain, Sailmaster (Sailsman), Navigator (Navigangsta), Officer of the Watch, Watch Leaders and Chef-o’s were selected. Under Grant, Jackson, Angie, Macca, Hannah, Rachel and Ben, we now sail for Moreton. We’ll sleep easy until our watches, with their assurances we won’t run aground or asunder. As elections overseer, I saw many names in the bucket, many people who wanted roles, although there are but few. And so I thought I’d add a quote (whose author I cannot remember) but: ‘You should set your course by the stars, not by the lights of every passing ship’. Captain today or tomorrow – this crew is amazing and inspirational and I hope you all know it. (AEC Wannabe xox)

Decedi para fala oiiiii, mamae e familia  As you heard today I’ve been having a busy few days and am keen to get into Brisbane. Was lovely seeing you at ‘Home Port’ and give my darling, sick, annoying, cute and adorable sister an extra big annoying hug for me, you know, the one where she rolls her eyes. I know you’re excited to get onboard the ship and you will be soon enough! T minus 4 sleeps. Love you lots xxoo. PS I totally didn’t cry when I saw you…..(The sunnies hide everything)

Mum, hope you’re faring well without the salty, old sea-dog. Just thought I would take the time to drop you a one-liner (or well, about a six-liner actually) to tell you what an exciting day I’ve had again as I know you enjoy reading Capt’n Adam’s log at the end of the day! The Youthies and I were lucky enough to get a liberty boat ashore and dive into Gold Coast’s rolling surf. After a bit of a boogie in the waves, a frolic, and an ice-cream to top it off we returned to the ship and elected the command crew. What fun that was, and it’s a tip-top command crew at that. Well I’ll finish up tonight around midnight after a climb aloft. Thinking of you, goodnight, much love. H xx

Hey Mum, Dad, Andrew, family and friends. I’m having a fantastic time sailing. Missing you heaps and hope all is well back home. I’ve been swimming in the “pool” and to stay the least it was a bit fresh. I’ve been nominated Watch Leader which was a bit unexpected, but I should be up to the task at hand (i.e shouting at people). I can’t wait to see you in a couple of days love Rachel xoxox

Hey Mum, Dad, Frank, Sharn, and Craigsy – missing you all so much. We swam in the beach today at Southport (cold enough to freeze the brass balls off a monkey I’m told), danced on the decks and now we sail for Moreton. 3 more sleeps and I’ll see you all, I can’t wait. All my love. Sam xoxo


27 39 S / 153 41 E


Fine. Wind NE 5-10. Temp 19