Captain's Log
8 February 2016

Day 9 – Fun fun fun at Fitzroy Island

Overnight the watches went calmly as per usual, being supervised by the watch officers and myself. We managed to tick off a few tasks off overnight one of which included getting as many sails up as the wind would allow. There were few hiccups for the bleary-eyed youthies during the night but nothing that couldn’t eventually be sorted out with their teamwork and problem solving skills.
As dawn broke, we were well on our way to the day’s final destination of Fitzroy Island. We were awoken by the words “RAAAAANDOM DANCING “and the classic motivation song “Eye of the Tiger” We danced our way to the galley where an extremely delicious breakfast greeted us, kindly provided by the three youthie chefs. With our belly’s full, the ship steamed towards the island and cries of delight at the clear water could be heard. First task for the day was morning brief conducted by Sail Master Jay Jay including a flag knowledge quiz complete with special guest Radar O’Reilly (Nate) and full demonstrations. Other special guests included Navigator Jess, Captain Liam and the specially elected Motivator, Jarrod. Of course cleaning could not be abandoned despite the Youthies newfound power so Happy Hour was at hand.
A beach attack team was sent to Fitzroy Is with the mission of convincing some locals to join in on our glorious national anthem (being relayed back to the ship via radio). It was a success. Of course the command day needed to finish with some fun so the elected leaders’ last order was to open the pool –a command appreciated by all. The ship was handed back in an orderly manner and the afternoon was spent snorkelling, exploring and hiking around Fitzroy Island. A tired but satisfied crew returned and began to prepare one of the last tasks set to them on command day. A ship concert complete with acts from each of the watches. The set included an Endeavour themed parody of Bohemian Rhapsody and a touching tribute to Kenny by his watch.
Captain Liam

Well, I couldn’t have said it better myself, Liam. The lack of wind was unfortunate but the youthies played the hand they were dealt and we motorsailed to our anchorage at the beautiful Fitzroy Island. Everyone has turned in now (except for the youthies on anchor watches), after an action packed and really fantastic afternoon enjoying the island. We will really need our sleep tonight to get ready for another busy day tomorrow – our penultimate day! – with our community day sail out of Cairns. We look forward to hosting Woree State High School Special Needs Unit. So then, until tomorrow night.
Yours Aye,
Captain Adam

To the Morrison duo 
Ahoy there G-ma and G-pa in Melbourne, give a mushy hug to Abi. Looking forward to sharing memories  hugs and kisses, Anna
Hey M&M, Alex, Sami, Kajsa, Gabby and Dani! Missing you all so much! Can’t wait to see all of you! – Hetty xx
Hey Mum, Lincoln, Sally, Ruby, Gambler & Frankston I will see you in 2 days. Can’t wait hope you miss me. -By Nathaniel 


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