Captain's Log
V08/19 Mackay to Cairns
6 January 2019

Day 9 – Command day Part 2…Sea to Fitzroy Island.

Ahoy shipmates…Command Day Part 2, and yep, you guessed it, feet still up. Fair winds, Cap K (new handle!)———-Captains Log: Day 9 – 01 June 2019
The second half of our Command Day has now been and gone. We made it! I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown by and that we are now coming to the end of our ninth day on this wonderful adventure.
We are currently anchored just off Fitzroy Island, which was the final destination of our command day. The overnight conditions kept all the watches on their toes. Patches of heavy rain (that seemed to be coming horizontally) sent youthies diving below deck to fetch their wet weather gear and they emerged looking like giant red penguins. The shifting winds kept the command team busy and forced us to replot our course several times throughout the night. An early morning weather change saw winds increase above 20kts and all the youthies were called from their sleep to quickly set all the sails, including the jib (which took every last youthies to pull into position!). Despite this early morning call up, the attitude of everyone on deck was incredible with every last person pitching in to get the boat set and ready in the gusty conditions.
Sunrise saw the youthies wake up to a stirring rendition of Sponge-bob Square Pants, led by Grace, our captain. Over the next three hours we covered the deck in a giant chalk mural of all our favourite memories of the trip, we made a video walkthrough of happy hour and rose to the challenge of singing the national anthem to the tunes of Old McDonald and the Banana Boat ad. We also sent off a specialised team to paddle out and land on Fitzroy Island, before handing control of the boat back to the staffies at 1000 this morning!
The other highlight of the day was this evenings SODs opera, where each of our watches came up with an amusing skit to present to the crew. These ranged from the blue watch’s fashion show of classic looks from the voyage, to the red team’s hilarious ad for the young endeavour and the white watch’s skit on how the Nelson’s Balls got their name. The staffies also put on a great performance of ‘Karly Poppins’.
As youthies sailmaster, I cannot express just how proud I am of every single person on this voyage who gave it their absolute all in the last few days. I can’t believe how far we have come and how well everyone was able to maintain the ship, even in the rain and wind


16 55s / 145 59e


Wind: SW at 12 knots Weather: Overcast, passing showers Sea: Mild Location: At anchor Fitzroy Island