Captain's Log
27 August 2022

Day 9 – Command Day Part 2

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day nine of our voyage. Following a busy night at sea in challenging conditions the Youth Crew made their final waypoint at 0830 this morning. At this time the Staff Crew took the ship back for 3hrs to complete the pilotage into Gladstone via the Main Channel then anchoring in Quoin Anchorages at 1130. During this period the Youth Crew set about completing the rest of their outstanding tasks prior to handing the ship back to the Staff Crew at 1300. I will now handover to Laura, Em, and Bella to tell you about the rest of our day.

Until Tomorrow, Take Care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Ahoy everyone,

In the wee hours of the morning the newly formed watches (orange, green and purple) tirelessly set and furled sails, braced yards and performed a strategic wear to avoid collision with a reef and steer the ship through all three way points. Kudos to our navigator Izzy, and a shoutout to all the poor souls who were called on deck in the middle of the night to battle the windy conditions.

After a pancake breaky, we were up and ready to complete the remaining command day tasks which tapped into the crews creative side. Writing songs, poems and sea shanties, as well as creating a colourful chalk mural on midships. While a couple of youth crew took cheeky naps on the deck, the rest of us learnt to tie knots and got to work on the hammock challenge, which the final product supporting the entire weight of the youth crew.

The fire alarm and smoke from the vents on the upper deck signalled the start of lunch. Although the cooking process was a little chaotic, the kitchen boys whipped up a feast of pork sliders and wedges. Scrumptious! After reflection and discussion about command day, and a well-earned round of applause for the elected youth command group, we prepared to climb the foremast.

Climbing up the mast for one last sunset, we enjoyed colours of pink and orange with views of the Gladstone harbour.  It quickly became hard to resist the smells of freshly baked pizzas so everyone raced to the galley for a slice. Our dinner was filled with laughter as we reminisced over great times onboard.

Johnno shared with us a slideshow of snapshots from the past ten days, and we sung the staffies our version of a sea shanty. To end the night, Carly shared with us this bittersweet poem highlighting what a crazy adventure this has been.

We are all looking forward to seeing our loved ones tomorrow-

Your salty shipmates Laura, Em, and Bella




Currently at anchor in Gladstone Harbour and experiencing moderate 10-14kt SE winds with little to nil swell. The current temperature is 15 degrees.