Captain's Log
20 July 2016

Day 9 – Command Day Part 2

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day nine of our voyage . Command Day has now finished with the Youth Crew doing a fantastic job of sailing the ship from Dunk to Fitzroy Island, one of the final tasks to complete was to write tonight’s Captains Log so please enjoy tonight’s entry written by again by Maddie but with some input from other members of the crew, please enjoy.
Until tomorrow, take care
Yours Aye
Captain Gav

Day 9; The Remnants Of Command Day

Hi Team, Maddie here. Captain Gav was less than thrilled with our commandeering of his laptop but we convinced him to give us one more chance.

This morning began nice and early, or mildly horrifying and early. It was 0630 and Captain Ellen called all hands to tacking stations. This means everyone was out of bed, including our dedicated Staffies and our mildly resentful purple watch who had only just gone back to sleep after their guts watch (2359 – 0400).

The delightful surprise at the end of the hour long tacking drills was that land was near, so close we could touch. Except due to the dismal wind levels we just bopped around the ocean looking at our destination for a while. Morning Brief was conducted by the Youthie Command team and a special guest or two. First was our own Salty who regaled us with stories of the origins of the shipping term “poop deck,” THEN just when the crew thought it couldn’t get better Sun Safe Betty dropped in to demonstrate how to adequately apply sunscreen after all as Betty would say “Sun Safety is Fun Safely.” After morning brief, Sailmaster Alec and Captain Ellen engaged the ships engines to travel the final nautical mile to Fitzroy Island.

And finally after a 17 hour journey our command team had guided the Young Endeavour to Fitzroy Island. Our next task was to get our youthie crew to the summit of Fitzroy Island. Although described to us as a “leisurely stroll” we came to realise it was more an advanced rock climbing course. Upon reaching the Summit we raised our flag and sung a brilliant rendition of the Australian Anthem. Then we headed back down to cool down with a swim.

After handing back the ship to Captain Gav at 1600, because by this point we were beyond needing a nap and more than a little bit delirious, Gav and Chef Keely prepared a “summer” barbie for us to enjoy on deck. Before bed we finally got to enjoy the Sod’s Opera in which our Staffies performed an Oscar-worthy performance of an aquatic version of The Jungle Book. Pretty sure they’re all in the wrong career paths, I can hear the Hollywood directors begging for them already. The youthies also performed various skits which we had been working on all afternoon.

All in all Command Day turned out to be an incredibly rewarding experience for all of us. The leadership team excelled in every way and left the rest of the youthies proud of how they had guided us through the day. The Chef team of Sandy, Michael and Sam kept us well fed for the day and again the rest of us were very proud of how hard they worked.

All of the Youthies would like to thank our watch leaders for all the invaluable knowledge and experience they passed on over the last 9 days that allowed us to be so successful. Only two nights left on Young Endeavour and we will all miss her greatly. – Until next time, Maddie

PS Shout out to Carolyn, Paul and Toby Staneke I’ll see you soon – Ash


16 55 S / 145 59 E


Currently at anchor at Fitzroy Island and are experiencing moderate SSE winds with nil swell and the temperature is 20 degrees.