Captain's Log
V02/17 Stanley (TAS) to Geelong (VIC)
23 January 2017

Day 9 – Command Day ends

From our Youth Crew Captain – If I had a dollar for every time I wished I could control the wind I would be able to buy myself a nice yacht and settle in for an early retirement. Though I’m sure I would still find myself wishing the same thing, oh the joys of sailing! Any sailor would be able to tell you the frustrations of being becalmed, for us our frustrations were coupled with an underlying sense of fear as the wind dropped rather quickly from a nice 10 knots to bugger all a few hundred meters from a very busy shipping channel. OH SHIP!
Despite the tireless work of our Watch Officers Owen, Ethan and Rochelle who tried absolutely everything within their power to overthrow the wind gods they bravely admitted a small defeat and the decision was made to let the Staffies out of the gallows in time enough to switch on the engines and guide us safely across the channel. After the ship and crew made it to safe water the engines were cut and we went back into the ring for round two of the Wind Gods versus the Youthies. Suffice to say they are rather a stubborn bunch and after a couple of reverse angle parks and spontaneous U-turns we engaged the engines once again. We were happy to be underway and heading towards our final destination for some more fun and games involving launching raw eggs from the foremast, a brilliant morning briefing involving singing, poetry and a story of the Siren’s Lure re-enacted by our resident Siren Max/ime. I’m not sure how much of a picture you really want me to paint for this one but I will mention a special thanks to our lovely actors Sally and Lucy for laying aside their dignity to play the roles of the Sea cows.
It was with slight reluctance at 1100 this morning that we took the shackles off Captain Dave and handed him back the Young Endeavour. On the up side handing her back left us free to go ashore and rejoin civilisation in Geelong to grab much overdue coffees!! (It hasn’t done a thing to overcome our sleep deprivation)
What a Journey and what an achievement by our 25 youth crew who have learnt more in 10 days than most sailors learn in years. Not to mention we get the bragging rights to saying we have sailed across the Bass Strait. Watch out Mark Richards (skipper of the super maxi racing yacht Wild Oats XI). Our journey has not been without its ups, downs, chunders, bruises and tears. Never the less I have seen each and every member overcome multiple challenges, form everlasting friendships, gain valuable life skills and have a tonne of fun while doing it. We are so lucky to have had the privilege to call ourselves Young Endeavour Youth Crew and we wish future Youthies as much and more from this great program.


38 Deg 08.4 Min South / 144 Deg 22.6 Min East


Wind SW 15 knots, weather – was a really hot (37 degrees) and still day until this evening when the howling wind blew the dogs off the chains ... but it has settled a bit now. No swell or sea in this safe anchorage!