Captain's Log
15 August 2010

Day 9 Command Day Concludes

Ahoy everyone, Our sleep deprived and sturdy Youth Crew completed the night watches and found the sun rising aft of the ship as it made its way towards our fourth and final waypoint, Horseshoe Bay, Magnetic Island. A few more encounters with fishing trawlers and smaller vessels made navigation a taxing process and focused on collision avoidance rather than heading course. The Youth Crew performed spectacularly, heaving themselves out of bunks at all hours to help perform a tack and some crew even laying aloft right to the topgallant yard to untie gaskets.After seeking permission for engines to be running once more we were soon moving 5 knots and Magnetic Island was fast coming into perspective. Feeling under pressure to utilise what wind we were given, the ship slipped into the bays protection from the wind. With our options well and truly exhausted and the Youth Crew heaving the ship within 2nm of the waypoint, the YE staff were handed control and took us steadily to anchor within beautiful Horseshoe Bay.Three tense hours were left to swiftly finish off a number of tasks including half the crew polishing ALL brass under the ships decks and the other half manning a Beach Assault Team (where crew are to paddle ashore and stake claim to their own piece of Magnetic Island while raising the Australian flag and singing Advance Australia Fair with as many mustered locals as possible). At 1300 the end of Command Day had arrived and the ship was handed back to the safe hands of the YE staff.To cap it all off we headed ashore to explore the allure of Horseshoe Bay and a much deserved swim.Until next time, take careYours aye,Youth Captain Heath and Youth Crew V14/10 From Staff Captain Damien, As Youth Captain Heath detailed, the Command day for the Youth Crew was an incredible journey, a 24 hours filled with individual and team discovery, challenges, rewards, lessons, friendships and beauty. Now that the Youth Crew have settled into overnight anchor watches the intention is to weigh anchor early tomorrow morning and proceed into the port of Townsville were we will berth and embark our half day sail guests, cast off and proceed to sea for three hours before returning them back alongside and sailing once more for our last night on the ship to complete the adventure that is Young Endeavour. Until tomorrow evening, take care.Yours Aye


19° 6' South / 146° 51' East


Clear Skies, Wind SW 2 knots, Swell Nil, Temperature 22 degrees, Barometer 1016 hpa