Captain's Log
9 August 2010

Day 9 – Command Day Concludes

Ahoy there, Youth Captain Dahna here again, after I left you yesterday we continued to navigate and sail our way through the night. We had some issues with the wind (and lack thereof) briskly making our way at 1 knot from Mooloolaba to Moreton Bay. At one point the wind changed direction and we had to do a tack (change direction, so that the wind was hitting the sails properly). All crew on board were woken, some more happily than others, but all were quickly back to bed after the tack was completed. The wind finally picked up and we were estimated to arrive at our destination at 3am��_ Seeing as no one was going to be awake then, we decided to go past our destination point and sail back around, meaning that we arrived at about 0830, which was much more reasonable, at which point we briefly handed the navigation back to the staff to navigate the narrow channel to Moreton Bay. On arrival to Moreton Bay we continued on our list of tasks. This included happy hour (cleaning the ship). One of our tasks was to put together the morning brief (which is never really brief), for this Ray wrote a fantastic poem to the tune of Mamma Mia, we sang the Australian National Anthem to the tune of ���Don’t worry be happy’, ���Amazing Grace’, ���Yellow Submarine’, and the youth crews favourite ���TNT’. Our quote for the day was, ���Don’t tell me the skies the limit, when there are footprints on the moon!’Our last task was to build a giant hammock at midships, and this held the weight of every single member of the youth crew, and even held up as we started to sing and dance. We then handed back the ship to Captain Damien, where I gave back the telescope of truth and the cap of knowledge, somewhat reluctantly; however I will be glad to get some sleep tonight, as will the rest of the youth crew. Today was an amazing day and couldn’t have been done without the fantastic team that we had including all youth crew and staff! It was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity and one that we will all remember forever. With small shoes to fill from previous sail master Kenny, ���Hands to tacking stations, Hands to taking stations.�� At 2200 was the dreaded announcement from Shaun the sail master that was made to all of the youth crew aboard the young endeavour, due to a change in wind directions. Shaun did an amazing job, not only as compaire for the 24 hours but as the sails and tacking expert. Running the daily events Shaun found himself very busy as he presented the morning/afternoon brief, had only 2 hours sleep after completing the first tack and completing his duties. The crew woke to Shauns enthusiastic voice once again, too early for some, but all in all our very own taller Kenny did an outstanding job. At the end of the tiring 24 hours he was quite happy to hand back the reigns, although he thoroughly enjoyed his experience at being a part of the Young Endeavours leadership team. Now for a few little notes from some of the youth crew:Snowflakes ��� The snowflakes woke up at 0430 to start breakfast at 0530. The porridge turned into clag glue, but otherwise breakfast was relative successful (and there were no fire alarms). After breakfast they prepared an extravagant yet healthy lunch of fairy bread! And sausage rolls, wraps and fruit. They then mournfully handed the kitchen back to Snowy, leaving well wishes on the wall, only to be brought back by popular demand on washing up duty. Snowflakes out! As Jack Sparrow would say��_ Now bring me that horizon, Youth Captain Dahna From Captain DamienAs Youth Captain Dahna detailed, the Command day for the Youth Crew was an incredible journey, a day filled with individual and team discovery, challenges, rewards, lessons, friendships and beauty. After the ship was handed back to the Staff Crew at 1300, the afternoon for the Youth Crew was either catching up on missed sleep, relaxing on the upper decks or climbing aloft. During the afternoon a debrief activity was conducted enabling the Youth Crew the opportunity to collectively deconstruct their Command Day experience focussing on the key outcomes.Dinner was then served on the upper decks with a theme Pizza Night prior to conducting a very humorous SODS opera (skit night) discovering many hidden talents among both Youth and Staff members alike. Now that the Youth Crew have settled into overnight anchor watches the intention is to weigh anchor early tomorrow morning and proceed into the Brisbane River were we will berth and embark our half day sail guests who consist of youth who are not able to participate in a full 11 day voyage due to pre-existing mental or physical conditions. We will conduct a three hour hosted cruise of the Brisbane River before returning them back alongside and sailing once more for our last night on the ship to complete the adventure that is Young Endeavour. Until tomorrow evening, take care.Yours ayeCaptain Damien


27° 17' South / 153° 23' East


Clear Skies, Wind E 10 knots , Swell nil, Temperature 21 degrees, Barometer 1022 hpa