Captain's Log
V08/17 Sydney (NSW) to Sydney (NSW)
17 April 2017

Day 9 – Command Day

Good evening all, Captain Matt here,
We awoke this morning to rolling seas and a pleasant sunrise as we embarked on the final hours of Command Day for voyage 08/17.
Following breakfast and an entertaining morning brief, with appearances from Nav, Salty, the Captain and a discovery of the origins of Captain “Yak” our Sailmaster Jake gave the orders to furl the sails which were set for tacking and wearing the previous night, and after a period of navigation outside of Sydney Harbour we arrived at our intended destination. After arrival at our finish point, the staff crew regained control of the ship and piloted us into North Harbour, Manly, where we will remain anchored overnight.
Prior to lunch the Youth Crew created a mural of our time onboard and all Youth Crew laid aloft on the ratlines and yards for a happy snap.
After a hearty lunch dished out by our fantastic Youth Crew chefs the Youth Crew commandeered the inflatable boat and set off toward Manly to complete a shore activity. This was followed by the handover from Captain Matt to Captain Yak, a debrief of Command Day and a deck BBQ ran by the crew. The rest of the night will consist of activities on deck, performances from the staff as well as youth crew, and finalising preparations for tomorrow’s Community Sail.
At the completion of today I will relinquish control of the ship to Captain Yak.
And relinquish control he has – Captain Yak here and back in control, well command anyway. I have learned over a long time at sea, in the office and especially at home, that command doesn’t necessarily give me control! The Staff Crew and Youth Crew put on a fantastic concert night tonight, reliving and acting events, people, moments and memories – a wonderful solo tribute to “Jack from Tamworth” that had some tears flowing and too many laughs that also produced tears. A really great night to finish a fantastic day. Until tomorrow, take care. Dave J (Yak) Voyage Captain.


33 48 S / 151 16 E


At anchor at Manly in Sydney Harbour - wind southerly at 5 knots, clear skies and 18 Degrees, sea state 1 - yeah!