Captain's Log
V01/20 Hobart to Hobart
1 November 2020

Day 8 – Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Wind?

Ahoy shipmates…Day 8….Command Day looms. After a restful night at anchor (other than when on watch), we departed Surges Bay and made a quick trip up river to Port Huon…just a bit more exploring. Then it was about turn and down the Huon River and through the D’Entrecasteaux Channel to our current location at anchor off Kingston Beach. The gale force winds persist but still both ship and youth crew are coping well. Today we conducted ‘Captain’s setting and furling…and guess what…they were pretty good. They must have been paying attention…well at least for some of the time! A big day looms…tomorrow I hand the ship over to Captain Jack and his team…should be fun! Until tomorow, fair winds, Captain Kenny.———-Captains log 01/20 Day 8
Ahoy there fellow readers! It was a beautifully cold day on the Young Endeavour with a temperature of 15 degrees and a chilling Antarctic top wind speed of 40 knots plus. We enjoyed starting the day with our favourite stories from Salty furthering the adventures of Gentleman Brady and Mary Philips. This was followed by the happiest hour of all time were we got everything ‘ship-shape’ for the day ahead.
Today was test day! This was the day that the youthies prove to Captain Kenny that we would not sink the ship when setting and furling sails. All watches were anxious but thankfully all passed! WhooHoo! We were rewarded with what everyone was craving…CHOCOLATE TIMTAMS!!
After all our hard work over the past week, we got some well-deserved down time. This was spent by some very intense games of Monopoly Deal occurring in the Café. Georgia wiped the floor with the rest of the players, much to Reggie’s disappointment; and with that, we finally setsail to somewhere more familiar passing directly past Nic’s home south of Hobart.
Following a delicious cob loaf made by the staffie with the best taste in music (Adam), Captain Kenny briefed us on the roles for Command day. I know it’s surprising, but our eight days of prep will finally be put to the test during Command day tomorrow. Time flies! It took an hour for the Youthies democratic elections. They selected 10 people into leadership positions and loved using this power to rename the watches from colours to Aussie Animals: Dingo watch, Koala watch and Shark watch (the best watch). Tugga was not impressed to say the least. The Youthies elected the following: Jack (Captain), Hannah (Sailmaster), Tjina (Navigator) and Nic (Watch Officer); the three watch leaders are Steph, Logan and Churchy; and the lovely Master Chefs are Kel, Lilli and Ayla. Everyone is nervous and excited for tomorrow (quietly confident in their abilities) remembering the wise words of Dazza to “keep away from crunchy and stay on the smooth, and we’ll be fine”. After our relaxing movie night on the deck and some night anchor watches to look forward to later tonight, that’s Malori, Nic, Georgina and Hannah signing out.


42 59s / 147 19e


Wind: SW at 10 knots Weather: Cold with scattered showers Sea: Calm Location: At anchor off Kingston Beach