Captain's Log
V15/18 Cairns to Airlie Beach
9 April 2018

Day 8 – Hello Whitsundays…We’re Back!

Greetings from the Whitsundays….again! Overnight we made our way under sail back to the Whitsunday Passage, and are currently at anchor in Cid Harbour…the starting point for tomorrow’s Command Day…but I will let the girls fill you in on the day’s activities….stay safe….Captain Kenny –

Hello fellow seafarers! Day 8 has been and gone in a flurry of activity. We started our day as always with the “lovely” singing from those on watch, but the news of pancakes, which quickly spread throughout the ship, was the only encouragement we needed to rise from our racks.

We spent the morning undertaking ‘The Captain’s setting and furling’ in our watch groups. This involved Captain Kenny and Horto observing us as we set and furled the sails of their choosing. During this mentoring session we were able to pick up some last minute tips and safety tricks, before we head into the day we have all been waiting for; Command Day.

Once we all passed with sufficient ‘P’ grades from Kenny, Dion decided he had a new challenge in store for us! Due to the relentless nature of the glassy Whitsunday waters, and the forever evading winds it was decided we needed to find a physical challenge elsewhere. From Sawmill Beach, there were many a mountain peak in the sky, but the one to which we were destined was the tallest of all; Whitsunday Peak. The walk was long, and the staffies happily sacrificed themselves with heavy packs to ensure we had adequate water supplies. We easily eclipsed the 4hr estimated completion time, and took plenty of photos at the summit. To stand upon a summit and have a 360 view across the magical Whitsundays is truly a once in a lifetime experience.

Upon return to the ship, we were greeted with another outstanding sunset BBQ on the deck before we got down to business. Commencing with a brief from Captain Kenny, the youth crew were informed of the leadership requirements for Command Day. Captain Kenny however was very quick to inform us that the new captain does not get to also take over the captains single rack room.

From 1000 tomorrow the Youth crew will assume all positions which are necessary for the running of the ship. The positions are as follows:

Captain – Emily

Sail Master – Bec

Navigator – Darcy

Watch Officer – Dom

Watch Leaders – Garret (Red), Bonnie (White), Lewis (Blue)

Chefs (aka. Morale officers) – Sophie, Carla and Alicia

Bec and Emily signing off to get some beauty sleep before the big day tomorrow. Wish us all luck!


20 15s / 148 56e


Wind: NE at 4 knots Weather: Fine and Clear Swell: Nil At anchor Cid Harbour