Captain's Log
V02/19 Melbourne to Sydney
24 January 2019

Day 8 – Command Day Part One

Ahoy Shipmates…I am officially on holidays (for 24 hours at least). Over to the lovely Annie…fairs winds…Captain Kenny.

Ahoy to friends and family from the salty seas off Sydney.
Once again our youth crew were pleased to gain a few extra hours of sleep due to being at anchor, reducing our usual watch time from 4 hours to 1 and a half. Our duties on anchor watches consist of checking the ships position to make sure we have not dragged the anchor, checking alarms, recording temperatures and more.
Anchor watches finished around 6:30am, about the same time when Sail Master Guv blasted ‘Eye of the Tiger’ from the speakers to wake the sleeping youthies. After this surprising start, we were summoned to Midships to do a few stretches to wake up and prepare for the day. Everyone was treated to a bacon and egg roll breakfast which was served on the decks under overcast skies.
Following breakfast, Captain Kenny gave a talk on tacking the ship, which will come in handy later on when we would be handed control of the ship at 1pm. We then were run off to shore to Balmoral for about an hour, perfect amount of time to grab a coffee, gelato or chocolate like some youthies did. It was great to walk along the beach and stand on some solid ground.
Back on the ship after our run ashore, the clock was ticking down to 1pm where the youth crew would take command for 24 hours. Our command team was decided last night, with Olive as Captain, James as Sail Master and Ollie as Navigator. Captain Kenny passed the ‘Telescope of Challenge’ to Olive, who as of now is in command while the Staffies relax and watch tennis. We were given a set of tasks that needed to be completed in the 24 hours in command and are currently ticking some off.
While the youth crew were waiting at Midships, The Staffies surprised us with their rendition of ‘Summer Holiday’ over the speakers briefly before coming onto deck in full costume and proceeding to jump overboard via a rope swing! After a bit of planning from the youth command team, we also made the plunge into the chilly waters of Sydney. A few brave souls attempted back flips, yet not all succeeded unfortunately.
It was then Anchors up and motors on out of the Sydney heads, where the Staffies turned off the motor and left us to our devices. It took a little while to get going but we are currently cruising along at 4 knots to get to our first designated waypoint. Looking ahead we have a night full of busy watches and a few tacks, but it is a challenge everyone is taking in their stride.
Annie McDonald (White Watch).


33 51s / 151 31e


Wind: SW at 12 knots Weather: Overcast Swell: SE at 1.0m Course: 125 Speed: 3 knots Location: Due east of Sydney